Speedway riders exploded onto Twitter just as they fire from the tapes… but what do they really think and say?

In our digital world, much communication quickly goes in the bin. Messages, off-the-cuff opinions and e-mails have life spans of seconds. Nothing remains but an eternal present pimping for a wanton future.

With a touch as tender and sure as a mortician’s hand, editor Jeff Scott preserves the ephemeral controversies and joys of a speedway season in #speedwaylife: Sideways Quotes, Tweets & Comments. It’s speedway like you’ve never read it before.

Drawn from Twitter chatter, press releases and comments – whether in print, person or online – #speedwaylife delivers only the pure narrative streams of the quotes themselves. Selecting over 5,000 key messages and Tweets from the 2011 season, Scott lets the weavers of these plain-spoken webs tell their own stories and give their own opinions without the polish of an always amnesiac PR machine. What you read is what they wrote or said!

Form your own opinion from this unprecedented and unexpurgated glimpse into the lives and thoughts of the riders (as told by themselves) all colourfully supplemented by quotes from officials, fans and commentators.

#speedwaylife is a unique record drawn from and thoroughly steeped in the joyously voluble culture, business and sport of British Speedway.


Plus £5 for every copy sold goes to the Speedway Riders Benevolent Fund