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Speedway Commentary Poem 1: Lines composed on the occasion of the inaugural Monster Energy Speedway World Cup Final at the National Speedway Stadium

Pats his engines to say thank you That was breathtaking, breathtaking   Criticism in the social media I’ve got 50p in my pocket   With the steel shoe off his foot He will delight the huge crowd   Gate 4 is a long way Harsh realities of speedway   What do you expect to see?…

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Tatum & Pearson live 2016 Tour – Poole event

The Kelvin Tatum & Nigel Pearson 2016 road show sees the renowned television speedway commentary duo return to Wimborne Road – the home of Poole Pirates Speedway and location of their inaugural speaking event – for the fourth of their six date Sports Talk Events Tour. With doors open at 7pm, thirty minutes before metaphorical…

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Speedway Grand Prix Series 2010 ends in anti-climax at Bydgoszcz (on Sky Sports)

The last Speedway Grand Prix of the 2010 season finds Nigel and Kelvin trackside for Sky Sports at Bydgoszcz. As usual the excessive number of rounds of the SGP format ensures – like so many years previously – that there is absolutely no mystery about who will be world champion well before the so-called climax…

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