Burbo Speedway Reporting Revolution on Twitter continues, part 3

Drawing upon the further majesty of the 12 years of his speedway reporting career, Paul (Burbo) Burbidge’s digital social media profile continues to hollow out and/or infantalise the news content of the speedway reporting landscape. Ostensibly part of a ‘new’ breed of digitally savvy speedway journalists (“I write news for Speedway GP website and manage speedwaygp social media. I’m also Speedway Star’s Chief News Writer”), on Twitter Burbo is afraid to use the privilege of his all areas access to riders, UK speedway teams’ management and fans or all the World Cup and Speedway Grand Prix events to provide meaningful insight or independent analysis.

Still proudly dictation typist for the Speedway Grand Prix as well as easily co-opted by SGP “stars” or Poole Pirates speedway, the line between news, fact, vested interest and opinion is easily blurred. In some respects, this is the increasingly common all holds barred reality of most contemporary speedway journalism where ‘views’ are invariably defiantly but banally always their “own”.

To brighten the speedway reporting universe, here’s some Burbo 2015 highlights:

29 December

Strange situation in Argentina. It seems @benbarker88 and @richieworrall have disappeared into thin air

3 January

If a ‘banker’ calls and wants your ‘four-digit code’, tell them to sod off. NEVER give out a PIN. Sick of my house getting calls from scum.

4 January

Sponsoring Poole is a sound investment by @readypower – all the fun of being involved in #speedway without the hassle of being a promoter.

5 January

Can anyone recommend a good hand car wash in #Poole?

10 January

It took me and Dick Barrie to point out there should have been a run-off between Grajczonek and Tungate last year. Too wet at Kurri Kurri?

12 January

Why are The Sun giving Kelvin Mackenzie employment after he was utterly disgraced and discredited by the #Hillsborough Panel? #liar

13 January

Always happy to be quoted if anyone needs my views on Kelvin Mackenzie. Can’t believe my tweet made Liverpool Echo!

22 January

We all have our views on immigration, but the #speedway riders concerned come to the UK and contribute brilliantly to our country.

28 January

Windows isn’t for everyone, but you’d have to pay £2,000 to get a Mac with this spec. I’ve never got on with Macs.

30 January

Gutted to hear @BDJRacing13 has been released by Eastbourne. BSPA need to crack down on clubs sacking riders before they race. It’s a joke.

9 March

Still nothing from Poole regarding their last two riders. Wonder if they’re haggling for more money after being kept waiting?

9 March

Good on those who raced in the Ben Fund meeting, but I’d be keen to know why the field wasn’t as good as it has been in previous years.

9 March

Why did riders turn down the chance to race in the Ben Fund Bonanza? My gut feeling was it’s too early in the season for some.

11 March

Great to see @MaciejJanowski1 back as Poole skipper. Deserves the job. Absolutely inspired when he took over from Ward last year.

11 March

I had a feeling Poole might go for Gomolski. World U21 silver and bronze in the last two seasons, 3.94 average, no brainer

14 March

Lock up your daughters, Swindon! @ZengiRacing getting friendly with the Leszno cheerleaders.

16 March

Had a great night at @RorySchlein3‘s testimonial. Great format. Loved the time trial. Would be a fun addition to #speedwaygp practice.

18 March

Looking forward to catching up with the 2015 Pirates at this afternoon’s @poolespeedway press and practice. Gorgeous day for it!

22 March

Hope Owlerton is rammed for @rickysbigday today. Ricky has always been a pleasure to interview. Deserves best possible recovery.

28 March

So they’re running a Pairs event without rewarding team riding. Why? It should be 4,3,2,0 not 3,2,1,0. Bizarre. #speedway

4 April

If Eastbourne keep these crowds up, they should go Premier in 2016. Club is too big for NL, and weekend fixtures would suit PL

9 April

Talk in the Polish media about banning their riders from competing in Britain, even fining Miedzinski for daring to get injured.

9 April

Poles seem to be saying riders only get injured in Britain. Sadly, the last Brit seriously hurt in Poland didn’t come home. #RICO

10 April

The @poolespeedway boys like to be efficient – 11 points from three meetings. Fantastic start to the year

11 April

Can someone please get @kaihuckenbeck a British #speedway club. The boy looks class!

11 April

It’s a joke. The Brits should be racing in the Pairs and the SEC. Only the BSPA think otherwise.

16 April

Up with the sparrows to fly to the #WarsawSGP. This has the makings of a special event – here’s hoping for some superb racing tomorrow.

16 April

Tough to call a winner on a temporary track so early in the year. But I’ve a feeling @nickipedersenDK will have a big say in it.

[Burbo goes silent on Twitter for nine days & completely misses the biggest story of the year – the Warsaw SGP snafu, debacle & abandonment]

25 April

Some top racing in this World #Speedway League meeting from Gorzow. @ruthlesslambert just went from last to 2nd! Hope @AJROSCO is watching.

29 April

Belle Vue deserved a draw and could’ve nicked a win. But Poole track is due an overhaul – home riders clearly struggling with it.

4 May

Happy birthday @D_Dublu_racing! We’ll see you soon. Don’t worry, you won’t have to put up with that cold Aussie winter for long 😉 #speedway

4 May

Feel sorry for all the fans at Rye House this afternoon, especially the Eastbourne ones. Track shouldn’t have got that dusty.

9 May

It’s all very well getting upset about Woffy, but why doesn’t GB have more riders equipped and able to replace him in #Speedway Best Pairs?

12 May

Amazing what a lick of paint, a lot of love and some serious passion can do to a #speedway stadium. @_glasgowtigers‘s home is sensational.

13 May

It’s rare I leave a meeting feeling so positive about #speedway. @_glasgowtigers have a great future. Thanks for a top welcome last night!

18 May

I find it puzzling that Janowski can score 10 for Wroclaw and still not ride for Poole. No wonder British #speedway fans get cheesed off.

23 May

Really pleased for @MaciejJanowski1. Enjoyed seeing him and @GregHancock45, master and apprentice, at the top of heat scorechart. #speedway

26 May

Credit to Polish boss Cieslak for picking @jarekhampel, @pawlickiracing, @MaciejJanowski1 & Zmarzlik. His faith in youth will be rewarded

26 May

Those kids have nothing to lose. They won’t be favourites, but they’re on fire.

26 May

The Danes should win it. But if those Poles go well, they could win it quite a few times in years to come. That’s the reward.

1 June

Surely #speedway meetings should be stopped when the track is no longer safe, not when the result stands. Why no track inspection?

5 June

I get why Coventry are upset after Monday, but they’ve got as much chance of having that match re-run as I have of space travel.

5 June

Having said that, home club should ALWAYS control their track prep. And stop meetings when track is too dangerous, not only after heat 10.

14 June

BSI did everything to get the ‪#MonsterEnergySWC Final on live TV in the UK. Due to scheduling issues and the late notice, it wasn’t possible

16 June

Even the best of men have a breaking point

17 June

So Greg & Nicki have a fight, and who makes the headlines in Denmark? @D_Dublu_racing obviously. Diversion tactics?

25 June (after Speedway Star report appears, the start marshal’s ‘facts’ finally get checked with the rider too)

Hi James, the start marshal alleges you swore at him – twice. Is this true? If so, why did you swear at an official?

11 July

Does anyone know the start time for the GP Challenge at @ZKS_ROW_Rybnik on September 5?

18 July

From my dealings with @rohantungate, I’m convinced he wouldn’t deliberately harm an opponent. Very placid guy. No hint of malice. #speedway

26 July

People of Sweden, is it normal to hear the F word in every other song on the radio at 7am? #pottymouth

29 July

Busy at Wimborne Road tonight. The result of having riders on track who put bums on seats

14 August

Take a bow @sandsegan as you exit the IMG stage today – you have been a immense! All the best in the new job and thank you for everything.

5 September

Can’t wait to see @BartekZmarzlik & @piotr_pawlicki take their places in the #speedwaygp series. The future is here! #speedway

15 September

Take a bow @EmilRacing89 – one of the best last turns I have ever seen. Just like TR’s first-bend wall of death at Cardiff 2005. Insane!

30 September

.@TheAces go back to #Manchester with their heads held high. Can’t wait to see the new stadium – can they christen it with a title in 2016?

4 October

Some haunted faces on the Bydgoszcz-Stansted flight this morning. Torun claims a few more victims! #speedway

17 November

Trying to clarify who is and isn’t classed as an Elite League heat leader for 2016 is a nightmare. The BSPA should publish a list. #speedway

30 November

. @BBCSPOTY stick two fingers up at #speedway again. If you win your world title with a motorised vehicle that’s not an F1 car, forget it!

30 November

The @BBCSPOTY shortlist heavily weighted in favour of sports BBC covers. Selection panel must feature athletes from a range of disciplines.

2 December

Rock-solid @poolespeedway side from top to bottom. No reason why they can’t become the first team to win four in a row since 1961. #speedway

9 December

Have a safe flight back to Queensland @D_Dublu_racing! Get some sun and I look forward to seeing you next year. #speedway




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