Double Trouble – Writer in Residence

I can wait for the season to start and will now be writing two blogs next season.

I’m delighted that Bob Brimson has invited me to be Writer in Residence for the Eastbourne Eagles.He has kindly given me permission to write whatever I want in the style of my usual work, albeit with a couple of caveats. I’m chuffed to bits as not only do get to wear a team anorak but there are so many interesting people at Arlington that I’d like the chance to get to watch more closely and know their foibles better.

My blog will be called Left, Left, Left and Left Again

I will continue to hoe my own row and travel the country to promote my new books (‘Shifting Shale’ my account of the 2006 speedway season and my quirky book of photographs ‘Shale Britannia’) as well as continue to regularly record my impressions on the people, places and meetings that I attend.

The Eagles press release reads:

As one of the many innovative ideas behind the new look of the Eastbourne Eagles, we’re pleased to announce that we have appointed Jeff Scott as our ‘Writer in Residence’.

Jeff is the author of the much praised, often frank but perceptive Showered in Shale book and Blog. His writing takes its own unique and slightly quirky look at the world of Speedway and the rich variety of people found in it – from fans to volunteers, start girls to vicars, promoters to riders and pretty well everyone and everything else in between.

While Jeff will continue to work independently on his other projects, he will be at liberty to publish whatever material he chooses on his new Eagles Blog Left, Left, Left and Left Again. This Blog will appear with alarming regularity along with many other new and innovative features on the spectacularly revamped Eastbourne Eagles website, scheduled to be launched upon an unsuspecting world on the 12th March.

Bob Brimson, commented: “Though I know Edinburgh Speedway already have a club poet, I believe that we’ll be the first club to enjoy the services of a ‘Writer in Residence’. Jeff’s mission, should he choose to accept it, is to write about whatever he chooses without interference from anyone. His mandate from the club is – so long as he does not expose anything that might be of use to an opposing team, libel anyone or reveal a personal detail about a rider/member of the Eagles family that they have a right to keep private – he can write about what he sees as he sees it. In return, Eastbourne Eagles give him complete and total access to the operation, pits, team, inner sanctum (i.e. Bob’s tractor garage), staff, volunteers and the general machismo that constitutes the mighty Eastbourne Eagles.”

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