If you enjoyed ‘Shale Britannia’…

…then you might also enjoy my latest photo book Banter & Bustle

The Big Issue ,the Daily Telegraph, the Sunderland Echo, salut! Sunderland all liked it! They said:

“The ritualistic walk to and from the football ground is the subject of this quirky book of photographs. Filled with mundane images of the back end of footballing towns from Ipswich to Sunderland, collectively they provide an insight into the wider, communal pleasures of football.
The players, the pitch and the ball itself are studiously ignored over the far more interesting culture of the fans themselves. Interspersed with overheard snatches of conversation, this book captures the romance of one of the great British institutions – match day.” Daisy Greenwell, BIG ISSUE, March 30th 2008

“Scott’s work is stranger, but will also one day fascinate football historians. He has photographed Sunderland fans, home and away, but the book should appeal beyond supporters of the Black Cats. He has a great knack for making the banal look compelling and a terrific designer who has cropped and arranged the pictures to great effect. In 100 years we will know what is was like to watch football in the early years of the 21st century.”
Andrew Baker, Daily Telegraph, 6th March 2008

“This book is a little gem in my opinion, capturing the essence of how mundane and ordinary matchday is and yet how magical, too. It may be the glory game, but these photographs show the other side of the coin – the fish and chips, the flagsellers, the queuing at turnstiles and train stations. Policemen, stewards, barbed wire, tarmac and turf.
There’s hardly a posed picture between the covers as fans and officials are captured in candid shots, just going about their business, while football grounds are shot from unflattering and awkward angles as opposed to the professional images we are normally fed. The book…provides a diverting and unusual addition to the growing Sunderland lexicon.”
Graeme Anderson, Sunderland Echo, 5th April 2008

“Jeff Scott’s fascinating pictorial study of his fellow Sunderland fans and Sunderland locations, caught on camera on various matchdays around the country… Jeff’s terrific portrayal of the grass roots of football support [depicts a] real club, real fans, real passion.”
Colin Randall, salut! sunderland, April 2008

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