June 2nd – Bargain at £20.00

I finally got to see a finished copy of the book and I was immediately delighted and irked. I was delighted that it looked so lovely but not so happy with the quality of the photos in the finished book. It definitely fails to show Julie Martin’s photography in its best light (see www.juliemartinphotography.co.uk for a glimpse of what I mean about her talents).

There’s no doubting it’s a bargain in terms of coverage and the number of pages/words that you get for £20.

I rush to B&Q to buy a dustsheet and a table that I belatedly realise are essential equipment for any aspiring author. Problems at my leaflet printer mean that I will have to set off to Cardiff without them…grrhh.

I spot my first error – Workington appears to have moved on the map from the north west coast to inland somewhere near Stoke. This was corrected at proof stage by Rachael Adams (www.scrutineer.co.uk) but sadly snuck through.

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