Kind Letter of Praise in the Speedway Star from a Reader

Good Read

May I recommend the book Showered in Shale by Jeff Scott to all your readers.

It is a simply fascinating and unique observation of the current speedway scene in Great Britain.

Descriptions of the various locales and communities in which the tracks reside add valuable social background. The praise and acknowledgment of the often unseen efforts of the people involved at the tracks is the most endearing for me. These good people rarely get the praise they deserve.

The riders who risk life and limb providing us with entertainment and the promoters viewpoints are, as always, very interesting.

I feel it is a most noteworthy and colourfully described account of the social infrastructure of speedway in Great Britain in the current age.

I cannot find anything I don’t like about this book, it is simply a pleasure to read.

Mark Poulton
Cwmbran, Gwent

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