Lee Richardson 1979-2012 RIP (selected Twitter & reactions compendium)

Nicolai Klindt “i’m hearing lee richardson has breathing difficulties and internal bleeding and is set for surgery in wroclaw. all the best rico!”

Chris Holder “What a shit track in Wroclaw!!! Looks so bad!”

Scott Nicholls “Sounds like nasty injuries to lee. Sad part of any sport. Really hope they take good care of him on Poland & he makes a good recovery”

Gecko Fitness “Thoughts with Lee Richardson, I know this dude and I know he’s a winner, thinking of you champ”

Chris Holder “Fuk speedway”

Lewis Bridger “Thoughts going out to Lee Richardson must be horrible for his wife not to no his exact condition he’s a great guy I’m [praying] he’s going to be okay”

Nicolai Klindt “fuck man, this is it! can’t believe it….”

Troy Batchelor “Shock….”

Tai Woffinden “sad day rest in peace mate”

Alun John Rossiter “This is not right RIP mate xx”

Lewis Bridger “dude :(((((((( I’m fucked up right now :-((((((“

Oliver Allen “in absolute shock”

Sam Masters “Oooh shit worst news RIP lee :(“

Nicki Glanz “Sad day for World Speedway RIP”

Nicolai Klindt “so sad! what a great bloke…. all my thoughts goes to wife and kids 🙁 rest in peace!”

Scott Nicholls “I am speechless & can not think of any words to say at this very very sad time. My thoughts are with the richardson family & friends. RIP”

Troy Batchelor “RIP RICO don’t want to believe it …”

Chris Holder “Un fucking believable!”

Hans Andersen “I’m shocked life ain’t fair and my thoughts goes out to Richardson family… LEE always a top bloke and you will be deeply missed RIP”

Jon Cook “I am numb and just can’t take this in, Lee’s loss to his family is beyond imagination and I can’t see further than that at the moment”.

Stuart Douglas “Lee’s death is a truly shocking piece of news. Sometimes the dangers the riders face in this sport are sidelined in the competitive spirit, but this proves just how brave speedway riders are. Lee is a magnificent rider, and our club, and the speedway family around the world, are left totally bereft by this tragedy. Understandably, and as a mark of respect we will not be competing in our scheduled Elite League meeting at Coventry on Monday night. It is important for our riders to get together sooner rather than later to collectively mourn the loss of our Skipper, but it won’t be on Monday.  We intend to race at Poole on Wednesday and the club will stage Fridays meeting with Swindon in memory of a rider who was a star for both clubs. Jon, myself, and all the management and supporters of The Lakeside Hammers join together to send our love and prayers to Lee’s lovely young family at this tragic time. RIP Lee. God Bless you.”

Peter Johns “So sad, thoughts are with the Rico family, RIP Lee :'(“

Lewis Bridger “RIP RICO top top bloke in the sport I looked up to u so much man I’m in tears right now I really don’t want to believe this”

Nicolai Klindt “speechless”

Danny King “Cant believe what im hearing. Thoughts go out to the richardson family. Devastating news”

Chris Holder “Sort ya fukn track out u fukn kunts!!!”

Troy Batchelor “People wonder why we dont want to ride shit tracks…. Wrocław dish up Dog shit and look what happens…. Sort your tracks out”

Paul Burbidge “I’ve just spoken to one of the riders in Wroclaw, Lee Richardson passed away half an hour ago. RIP. Feel absolutely sick”

Joseph Screen “Shocked and numb at the moment about lee! speedway can be a shite thing sometimes”

Paul Burbidge “Since I first met Lee Richardson at 2004 SWC Final, he has been an absolute pleasure to deal with. A top bloke who gave me some great stories”

Cory Gathercole “Cannot believe the news about Lee Rico Richardson. Just heard and it has shocked me to the bone. Thoughts go out to his family”

Greg Hancock “Unreal news I just heard! It doesn’t seem real and another innocent one is gone. Our thoughts are with the whole Richardson Family. RIP Lee”

David Howe “Shocked at the news about Lee, terrible news. Can’t imagine what his family are going though. Sad day for the sport, totally numb”

Phil Morris “Tottaly shocked, one of the nicest guys I’ve ever met. deepest Thoughts with the Richardson family at this unbelievably sad time”

Nicki Pedersen “RIP Lee! you was a true gentleman always a lovely person to talk to and Work with. All my thoughts goes to Richardson family not fair at all”

Sam Masters “Can’t even watch the rest of this speedway, fuuuck scares me big time!”

Lewis Kerr

“Falubaz making a stand not going out riding. Respecting a fellow rider.Good on them. So gorzow riding round on there own #wankers”

Charlie Webster “Shocked – so sad to hear passing of rider Lee Richardson after crash in Poland. Lovely man. RIP Lee. My thoughts & prayers to family”

Jitendra Duffill “Gutted to hear of lee Richardson’s passing, so so sad, I can’t quite believe it. Thoughts are with him, his family and friends. RIP”

Rory Schlein “Speedway at the mo means nothin WILL MISS YOU LEE our laughs we had on our flights I will alway remember RIP RICO”

Nicki Pedersen “Total respectless of all riders there didnt Work out of the meeting today In Gorzow You should had Worked away ‘Immediately’”

Chris Holder “if we say track is not safe…. u cant call us whinge’s… we fucking mean IT IS NOT SAFE!! this should not happen to realise this! :'(“

Jon Davies “Gorzow speedway carrying on riding-disgraceful”

David Rowe “Cannot believe what has happened today. RIP Lee Richardson. We all love our speedway but this is the cruellest possible side of motorsport”

Jo Lowry “I just keep thinking its not real. I should be seeing him ride tomorrow. Not this. We’ll miss you Lee”

Gary Havelock “Devastated to hear the tragic news about Rico. He was a great team mate and a good man. Our thoughts are with his family at this needy hour”

Kevin Long “For 40 years I have been supporting speedway, I have had many good times & made so many friends;that’s the good side;today is the bad side!”

Ludvig Lindgren “Sad day for speedway! RIP LEE! Out of respect all meetings should be cancelled 2moro! One of the great guys! All thoughts to his family!”

David Watt“We’ve lost a great man today and I can’t comprehend it yet but I know, I’ll miss you mate. To all my family and friends, I love you”

Darcy Ward “Unbelievable RIP Lee Richardson Only raced and spoke to you other day!!”

Andy Povey “Deeply saddened to hear the tragic news about Lee Richardson. One of speedway’s nice guys”

Hans Andersen “I’m still speechless and sat stirring out in the air such a sad day for our sport which we love but when this happens it means Nothing..”

Ricky Kling “Im having a big 1 on the track. Lee riding for the opposition comes up to me after the event checking so it’s all ok! #RIPLeeRichardson”

Lewis Bridger “Out of respect all speedway tomorrow night should be cancelled RICO a true legend in the sport & a good friend !!! Fk the 13th :-(“

Danny King “R.I.P Lee. It was an honour to know you and race with you”

Neils Kristian Iversen “RIP Lee. It just feels unreal. Thoughts are with your family. Times like this it just feels meaningless what we do”

Linus Sundstrom “What a shit evening, cant believe its true….#RIPRico”

Rory Schlein “Still awake can’t sleep I hope all matches r off 2moro in respect for lee and family and for everyone to come to terms I still can’t except”

Keith Heuwen “I have gone to bed too many times thinking of another racing family in grief #nevergetseasier #oldnow RIP Lee”

Gary Patchett “Not normally lost for words. Anything would sound inadequate. Sky should show a tribute to tomorrow night RIP mate”

Justin Sedgmen “R.I.P Lee just don’t know what to say or think ! Thoughts are with you wife kids family & friends …”

BSPA “THE British Speedway Promoters’ Association are deeply shocked and saddened by the death of Lakeside Hammers Captain Lee Richardson.
Lee died on Sunday in Poland as a result of injuries sustained in a racing accident…. 
The BSPA’s thoughts are with Lee’s family and friends at this awful time.”

Adam Roynon “Given time..the speedway world will unite and move forward…#onlythegooddieyoung RIPRico”

Mark Lemon “We’re all in denial, this sport we love is so so dangerous & no one should have to pay the ultimate sacrifice #RIPLeeRichardsonso sad&wrong?”

Mikkel Beck Jensen “Just arrived home.. Feel really sad about Lee! Hope you’ll rest in peace my friend”

Tai Woffinden “had the shitest sleep cant stop thinking about this loss! was talking to him before the race long way to wolves today RIPLeeRichardson”


Rory Schlein “I don’t feel like racing today….. Just want to go home to my family”

Oliver Allen “i feel ya mate”

Rory Schlein “words can’t explain how I feel”

Oliver Allen “same, can’t sleep, can’t think about much else”

Jenni Hancock “It’s a sad day… I wish I could take some of her pain. Wish I…”

Jason Crump “All thoughts…..#LeeRichardson”

Kenneth Bjerre “R.I.P. Rico”

Jennie Hancock “If only… I wish I could help!”

Scott Nicholls “Thoughts are with Lee’s wife,Emma,their 3 children & family today x”

Alan Boon “I’m in two minds on tonight’s speedway but I think that it should go ahead, as long as the riders are okay with it. I think an actual match containing a tribute will get more viewers than a tribute show, and thus more people will see Lee for what he was. And if people who heard about the death but haven’t watched speedway tune in, then more fans = more money for riders = Lee would want that”

Jenni Hancock “Again… Life is depending on that we take advantage of every little ounce of luck, love and laugh. Use it don’t abuse it”

Niall Strudwick “Not in the mood to work or ride atm. But i will ride again. Keeping black & sliver colours in memory of Lee”

Nicolai Klindt “#RIPLeeRichardson – i hope meetings today all over the world will be cancelled in respect of him and his family!!”

Jo Lowry “2nd headline on BBC radio 1 news this morning. I have NEVER heard speedway news mentioned on there”

Nigel Pearson “Feeling numb this morning. GB speedway rider Lee Richardson died after racing in Poland yesterday. Family man and good guy, great company. Apologies for not replying to tweets last night or this morning, but I have read them all. Didn’t want to post anything last night. Always enjoyed good conversation with Lee on Speedway, Football, cars and life in general”

Lewis Bridger “Feel so sick this morning can’t understand y this has happened 2 such a successful father of 3 & his poor wife I can’t even imagine the pain”

Darcy Ward “#RIPLeeRichardson still thinking but still speechless”

Reverend Michael Whawell “I’m devastated as he was one of the few riders that I had got to know quite well. First met him when he came to Panthers in 2004, his little boy Josh then a baby. Always friendly & ready for a chat. We shared many a smile about his early days at Smallmead partnering Phil Morris at reserve.”

Nigel Pearson “Just a note to all speedway riders, past and present, who follow me on here. You’re a hero to me. That’s all #riplee”

Alan Boon “Lakeside v Swindon on Friday will be an impromptu memorial for Lee Richardson, I guess. Going to try and get there – you should too”

Andrew Tully “Thinking about what’s important today!”

Casper Wortmann “Feel so blessed I’m still alive, when I think about I had internal bleedings like Lee. Then I’ll give a fuck about my scar. RIP Lee:(“

Bob Tasker “RIP Lee Richardson – puts a sport and entertainment into perspective. Our thought with his family & friends”

Chris Neath “So so sad to hear about Lee. All thoughts with his family and friends right now #RIPRico”

Chris Holder “Something’s in life jus don’t make sense!!? Can’t stop thinking about you mate! #RICO”

Shane Parker “Ride in peace #RICO”

Ludvig Lindgren “My best moments with Lee was all the fights to poland and back 2010 he and Harris made the trips much easier! RIP”

Lewis Bridger “tell me about it mate It’s messed up #RICO why ??? No1 knows what’s around the corner, now track creators sought it OUT !!!”

Tai Woffinden “whats your best #RICO moment? i wanna read all the good things people rember about lee!”

Ludvig Lindgren “It was yesterday I said that I enjoyed my speedway again! And boy did that feeling flew out the window after the horrible news! #RICO”

Gecko Fitness “he last time Lee trained he talked about his desire to win British Champs, this years winner should dedicate to rico #tribute”

Alun John Rossiter “Floral tributes being left out side the speedway gates at Swindon respect #RICO”

Tai Woffinden “well there ya have it a fuckin top bloke”

David Watt “Denial isn’t working anymore so it’s nice to feel the love from the big speedway family that have come together now Peace & love. Thanks”

David Howe “Been moaning about my injury for 4 wks but playing with my daughter this morning I realised I’m the lucky one, my problems seem small #RICO”

Mark Lemon “Attention span today, zilch #RICO”

Simon Stead “I cant believe all race meetings haven’t been cancelled today, not only as a mark of respect for Lee but surely as fellow racers we deserve at least 24hrs to greave over our friend before having to get back on a bike”








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  1. Scott smith
    May 22, 2012 at 1:56 pm

    Deepest sympathy,tragically taken doing what he loved best. Thoughts are with u bud, also your family. Speechless, feel sick… I can’t even bring myself to telling my 10 yr old daughter. Sad sad day. #RICO rip love u man. Never forgotten. You are what legends are made off.

  2. jake bridger
    April 19, 2013 at 4:45 pm

    Rico you’re a great guy rip

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