Limerick Competition Winner and other entries

After mature consideration by the judges, the winning entry was submitted by Chris MacDonald. I’d like to thank everyone who entered and I apologise for taking so long to announce Chris as the winner and to publish the other entertaining entries.

Limerick Competition Winner:

There was a Team Manager called Lynch,
Who thought winning the League was a cinch,
But in the last race,
His riders lacked pace
And he missed the Cup by an inch.

Chris MacDonald

Limerick Competition Entries:

There’s an Eagle named Niki P.
Who’s as hard as hard can be
Fuelled with sixth sense, he’ll ride out to the fence
and squeeze out Greg, Hans….or Scotty.

Dick Ward

A speedway team called Reading
Became ‘Bulldogs’ by way of a wedding
BSI was the groom who whistled the tune
And soon ‘Racers’ kelvars were a’shredding.

Dick Ward

A young man from Lynn named Lee
who by all accounts could never pee
he said it was the yanks
that gave him problems in his pants
that cost him his liberty

Guy Keeley

An old Kiwi rider called Briggs,
Didn’t drink beer, wine or smoke cigs,
‘It will damage my health,
Not to mention my wealth,
I’d rather eat Syrup of Figs.’

Chris MacDonald

A young lady rider called Jude,
Thought her team mates incredibly rude,
‘I can deal with the swearing,
Because I’m past caring
But I’m NOT going to ride in the nude!’

Chris MacDonald

A top referee called Steele,
Ran matches with fairness and zeal,
But on the question of Guests,
He considered them pests
And excluded them at the turn of a wheel.

Chris MacDonald

There was a young rider called Jack,
Who rode all the time at the back,
It’s a great shame,
‘Cos he’s not to blame,
But he’ll still end up getting the sack.

Chris MacDonald

There is an Eagle named Nicki
Who has been described as tricky
Now he’s rarely passed
And seldom comes last
So no one dares take the Micky!

Sid Shine

The Kings Lynne hero Topinka
Would give it his all on the clincker.
He’d go at great speed
At Berwick on Tweed
And Glasgow thro’ to Treblinka.

Nigel Moores

A crazy young fellow from Poole
Beat the Pirates one day on his mule.
He fed it on grass
To rich for an ass,
Coz no one was checking the fuel.

Nigel Moores

Only the finest can ride the Grand Prix
And at the Millenium we certainly shall six.
Great riders with flare
Great skill and great dare
Like Scott Nicholls the Coventry Bix!

Nigel Moores

My blood runs blue & gold
On speedway I am sold
From the shale in my hair
To the smell of methanol in the air
There are no brakes on this passion for my sport

Margaret Sutherland

There was a promoter called Cook
who had a dissatisfied look.
So he did decide
to move to Lakeside,
and with him a rider he took.

Gill Yates

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