new speedway book available and launched at the Cardiff Speedway Grand Prix Collectors Fayre Saturday August 25th 2012

26 Shades of Shale – the new book from speedway author Jeff Scott – is launched this Saturday 25th August at Cardiff Speedway Grand Prix Collectors Fayre (at Cardiff Rugby Club – close to Fanzone)
This seventh speedway travelogue by Jeff Scott covers the 2011 season in trademark fashion mixing reportage, opinion and behind the scenes insight as well as featuring visits to practically all of your favourite British Speedway tracks

Highlights include: Time Out & Ivan Mauger visit Lakeside; Channel 4 start pre-research for their pilot speedway based television drama series at Rye House; on the road to the Isle of Wight with the 3 Amigos; U15s; World U21s; early season visit to Leicester; bricks & the new National Stadium; KO Cup magic; all your favourite speedway presenters plus tons more fans, riders & officials as well as opinion on speedway past, present and future

26 Shades of Shale
184 pages
26 b&w photos

Available at all good trackshops, purchase online here
Table of Contents:
Chapter 1 Mildenhall v King’s Lynn
“If people want to say nice things that’s good – but you shouldn’t going looking for it”

Chapter 2 Ipswich v Plymouth
“In fairness he was lucky to get that – I’d have given him minus one!”

Chapter 3 Rye House v Somerset
“They’ve not got their ginger-haired Australian”

Chapter 4 Leicester v Berwick
“It’s like a Redcar setup but better!”

Chapter 5 King’s Lynn v Coventry
“Looks a little grip. I must make good track. Good race!”

Chapter 6 Somerset v Leicester
“I thought they’d travel today but there’s none here!”

Chapter 7 Edinburgh v Sheffield
“He’ll come out of the gate like a salmon and then he’ll come out of the bend like a whale”

Chapter 8 Berwick v Ipswich
“There used to be one bloke in a Ford Cortina with a bike on the back and he did everything! Now they have two bikes and a mechanic, at least!”

Chapter 9 Glasgow v Ipswich
“In those days, we didn’t talk to the riders”

Chapter 10 Birmingham
“‘Make Me A Fan’ scheme. It’s called promoting!”

Chapter 11 Newport v Dudley
“If speedway was raced over one lap, James White-Williams would win all the races!”

Chapter 12 Cardiff: SGP
“We tried to get away from the Wulfsport look, so we designed our own!”

Chapter 13 Wolverhampton v Coventry
“They’re a nice couple – those Ludvigs!”

Chapter 14 Poole: U21s
“We all know the riders will turn up and ride for the goblin’s gold”

Chapter 15 Dudley: Golden Hammer
“Imagine if he was to come back wearing the Hammer and Heathen on his chest?”

Chapter 16 Redcar v Workington
“He’d fall off so he could be first in the bar”

Chapter 17 Scunthorpe v Glasgow
“When the dirt builds up on that bend two and the riders go out wide, they can almost disappear in it up to their handlebars!”

Chapter 18 Workington v Glasgow
“I’d take two broken legs over this!”

Chapter 19 Glasgow v Edinburgh
“He may be a smidgen over 17 but he rides like he’s 35!”

Chapter 20 Belle Vue v Coventry
“He replaces the other Pole who rode in Poland when he was injured!”

Chapter 21 Lakeside v Swindon
“Is that your sixth times World Champion ring?”

Chapter 22 Swindon v Peterborough
“Tyres take ten minutes to fit and silencers two minutes!”

Chapter 23 Sittingbourne: U15s
“I set off and something went whoosh and I thought, what’s that?”

Chapter 24 Newcastle v Glasgow
“We need more ideas and more young people. What speedway also needs is more fights!”

Chapter 25 Isle of Wight v Scunthorpe/Sheffield
“I watch from the balcony but I can’t watch the first corner”

Chapter 26 Sheffield v Workington
“He’s been doing that all season – turning left!”

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