New Speedway World Team Cup trophy unveiled

Following on from the unexpected but fabulous – some would say iconic – redesign of the SGP World Championship Trophy, further brilliant eye catching news and an exclusive photograph reaches this blog about the pending launch of a NEW SPEEDWAY WORLD TEAM CUP trophy!!!

The draft unreleased statement we received have reads: “A lot of major sports have an iconic trophy that is recognisable throughout the world and runs through everything the sport does. The brief we set was to design a sister trophy that compliments our NEW SGP World Championship Trophy and to replace the existing lovely but no longer contemporary enough Ove Fundin trophy to better represent our values (and the efficient visa management) we bring to the FIM Speedway World Cup. This new distinctive trophy made fully recycleable materials makes a big statement about who we are, helps us as we desperately thrash about for a few column inches of national print media coverage for what is – after all – our most credible product offering as well as also providing something that each member of the world championship winning team could annually hold aloft with their hearts beating away with national pride and say ‘We’re on top of the world.’
We also wanted something environmentally friendly that fans could relate to, so the idea is we will have the trophy on display at all rounds of the WTC starting with the Norfolk Arena at King’s Lynn on Monday – as well as the Race Off and Final at Gorzow – so fans can have their photograph taken with it. It allows them to live their dream, hold it aloft and say ‘I’m champion of the world’ too.” [check with mgmt whether we should leave bits in italics in]

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One Response to New Speedway World Team Cup trophy unveiled

  1. Joanna
    July 23, 2011 at 8:06 pm

    Great idea, indeed! I think this is the trophy we all were looking for!
    Well, if we can’t change the team winning the SWC (Poles year by year became deadly boring, didn’t they?), let’s just change the design of the trophy.

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