No Room at the trough – SGP Rider Pay Rates frozen in 2009 (at 2005 levels) again

The recently published FIM Speedway World Championship Grand Prix Regulations 2009 make interesting reading (listed as regulation 077).

Unluckily for the riders, their pay rates remain frozen for 2009 (just like they did in 2008, 2007, 2006 and 2005). The FIM have again produced an extremely comprehensive 39-page document that covers everything from the specifics of the helmet RAL Traffic colours to the type of fuel to be used.

Sadly, the FIM aren’t responsible for BSI IMG’s pay rates (or shale storage arrangements) so we can’t learn if Messrs Postlethwaite, Bellamy and Olsen remunerations have also been frozen! I think we can safely say it’s unlikely that still they have to get by on 2005 levels of pay. But then, to be fair, quality expertise rarely comes cheap.

The placing prize money per SGP meeting is listed below. It’s worth noting, that these are the magnificent rewards that have so focussed SGP riders minds and led them to lose regard for the intensive race schedule of British speedway meetings.

01. US$ 11,000
02. US$ 8,200
03. US$ 6,900
04. US$ 6,000
05. US$ 5,250
06. US$ 5,100
07. US$ 4,650
08. US$ 4,500
09. US$ 3,850
10. US$ 3,700
11. US$ 3,650
12. US$ 3,600
13. US$ 3,550
14. US$ 3,500
15. US$ 3,450
16. US$ 3,400
17. US$ 2,100
18. US$ 2,100

Some other rules and regulations catch the eye:
“Riders who do not wish to practice may however sign on, no later than 15:00, on Race day” [077.3.8 Signing on]
“Practice is not compulsory” [077.6 Practice]
“The travel and hotel expenses are included in the prize money (Art. 077.10.5)” [077.10.1 Travel and hotel expenses]
“For the Race Director, a single or double room must be reserved for 3 nights and paid for by the organiser” [077.10.2 Hotel accommodation]

Some of the financial penalties in the 2009 rulebook [077.12.3 Fines] are pleasantly quirky:
“Arriving after the start of Heat N° 1” results in disqualification from the meeting (fine US$ 800)
“Ungentlemanly behaviour towards any persons” has two levels of punishment: “with words or signs” (fine US$400) and “with violence” (fine US$ 800)
“Riding number jackets not worn during the Parade, Prize-Giving Ceremony, Press Conference, in the Pits and during TV interviews” (fine US$ 400)
“Riding number jacket not worn during the race” also results in disqualification, while riding with “front fork cover not fitted on the motorcycle from the meeting” (fine US$ 800)
“Team member not wearing a team colour uniform” (fine US$ 400)
“Lost or forgotten pass” (fine US$ 40)
“Riders are responsible for their team members”
Failure to keep shale dry (fine US$ 0)

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  1. Stars Fan
    January 17, 2009 at 2:36 am

    Well at least fuel should cost less this season. I mean, it should right ? 🙂

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