Some Review Comments

“A superb new book chronicling speedway across the length and breadth of Britain…Dozens of quirky stories make the book as enjoyable for non-fans as those likely to be found near the third bend of any track….after reading Scott’s chronicle, Wildcats fans will be hoping even more speedway in Weymouth has another chapter to run”
Matt Pitman, Dorset Echo

“A fascinating book that holds up an illuminating mirror to both the sport and the community as a whole…Scott’s pithy turn of phrase helps him to capture accurately a whole raft of personalities – his description of Arena Essex promoter Ronnie Russell is simultaneously laugh out loud funny and hugely respectful… through it all – and this big format softback runs to 500-plus pages – Scott’s love of the sport and his fellow man shine out. Highly recommended.”
Tim Hamblin, Wolverhampton Express & Star

“A refreshing change…Scott is not coming at the sport from an anorak-type perspective, but a far more open mind and he finds out plenty of information on the way”
Mike Bacon, East Anglian Daily Times

“I don’t know how the freak you did it!”
Dave Fairbrother of the Speedway Star

“Readers will find plenty to reward them”
Brian Owen, Brighton Evening Argus

“A completely refreshing book to read. Totally different from everything else out there. Everyone should read it, but especially every promoter, so that they can understand the complexity of our sport from a unique perspective – how the fans really see it!”
Graham Drury, Workington Promoter

“A fascinating speedway travelogue”
Berwick Advertiser

“already dubbed Speedway’s version of Fever Pitch”
Newcastle Chronicle

“Better than the usual boring speedway book full of stats or races from long ago”
Trevor Geer, Co-Team Manager, Eastbourne Eagles

“If you have read any football books then you’ll appreciate the difference between the typical Keeganesque “I were as sick as a parrot…” type autobiography and the works of authors such as Hornby, Davies, McIlvenney and Garry Nelson who have taken football writing to a new level. Well this book does this for speedway, it’s thoughtful, intelligent, witty and interesting and takes the viewpoint of the people on the terraces rather than disappearing up its own bum the way too many of the books by riders, ex-riders and promoters have tendency to. Due to the way it’s written you can read it cover to cover or you can dip in and out”
Neil Dyson, Sheffield Speedway Fans forum

“Definitely a must-have for any speedway fan – it is an detailed and informative, but amusing and off-beat look at what goes on before the turnstiles open (and after).”
Neil Watson, ex-Peterborough Promoter, British Speedway Forum

“Some speedway books can leave you feeling quite cold and uninspired, but this one you can really relate to because a lot of what Jeff writes is what we all think as fans, naturally opinions can differ, but reading through this book is like chatting away to your mates on the terraces!!!!”
British Speedway Forum

“It is very different from any other speedway book, the nearest comparison I can make is ‘Fever Pitch’, Nick Hornby’s famous football book… I think it is likely to end up as one of the best speedway books I’ve ever read”
Andy, British Speedway Forum

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