Speedway Commentary Poem 1: Lines composed on the occasion of the inaugural Monster Energy Speedway World Cup Final at the National Speedway Stadium

Pats his engines to say thank you

That was breathtaking, breathtaking


Criticism in the social media

I’ve got 50p in my pocket


With the steel shoe off his foot

He will delight the huge crowd


Gate 4 is a long way

Harsh realities of speedway


What do you expect to see?

We’re talking about the referee


The corporate hospitality was busy

To be remembered in 10 years time


He was thinking of making a statement,

But he didn’t


Put his life in Chris’ hands

Nervous times


A tribute the World Cup format

My five-year plan three years ago


Did remarkably well to keep his feet up

Absolutely fantastic


A little bit angry now

On the edge of the grip


Making his diary very busy

I’ve alluded to it already


Dare to dream

He has fond memories


Clear joy there

You all participated


We’re going to be banging on this desk

There have been emails going back and forth


Plenty to talk about,

Almost too much in truth


That motorbike looks like a rocket

Very clever


Step it up

Intriguing moves


Handlebar to handlebar

In many places


This will live long in the memory,

For a long time for sure


There are other refs here tonight

Let’s put them on the back four


You’ve only got yourself to blame, Danny

He’s playing the joker


Truly extraordinary

He had the right to do that





Speedway commentary poetry – all the correct words but not necessarily in the right order!

Mainly from Nigel Pearson & Kelvin Tatum with help from Tai Woffinden, Steve Brandon & Suzi Perry at the Speedway World Cup on BT Sport 30.07.16

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