Speedway Grand Prix live tv viewing figures decline continues in 2017 (& is now lower than British Speedway live audience)

The ongoing decline in the popularity of the Speedway Grand Prix series for UK television viewers (the main way the British speedway fan experiences the SGP) has continued in the second year of the BT Sports coverage. After the massive fall in British TV viewers using BT Sports to watch the SGP series live in 2016, only losing nearly 2% of their already meagre audience is what nowadays counts or is spun as success.

BT Sports, SGP rights holders BSI and event sponsor Monster Energy must really be thanking their lucky stars that they have Natalie Quirk, wacky shirts from Scott Nicholls and have also had the benefit of showcasing the “strongest ever” and “best ever” Speedway Grand Prix rider line up (in a series that also notionally kept the drama going right to the end by going down to wire) in order to staunch the shrinking popularity and interest the series holds amongst UK speedway fans.

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More significantly, for Speedway Grand Prix fans, rights holders and sponsors alike, BARB figures reveal that the SGP average audience size (33,875) has now fallen below that achieved by live broadcasts of the top level of British Speedway (34,000). It is held by some relentlessly negative commentators – albeit those whose independence is commercially compromised by the relationships and earnings of their SGP or SGP rider related work – that British Speedway is in (possibly) terminal ‘crisis’ for a variety of structural, administrative and bureaucratic factors so requires dramatic attention grabbing reform. The reforms they advocate are always ideological, short term and rarely intelligent. Strangely too, these sincerely held but low wattage suggestions usually suit or dovetail with commercial interests outside British speedway, while also virtue signaling to the increasingly fickle actual or fading ‘star’ riders.

The current magic solutions are primarily either fixed race nights and squads, preferably both. Advocates suggest we need to experiment with a few desperate throws of the baby from the bathwater in order to attract back the “star riders” and “top riders” it is alleged/claimed that the fans require in order to rekindle their waning enthusiasm (as judged by declining fans numbers through the turnstiles).

However, the ongoing decade long decline in (Sky Sports, Eurosport & BT Sports!) viewer numbers at home on the sofa for the SGP series must, surely, give pause for thought as to whether enabling the “missing” top riders to race here again is really going to do anything to improve crowd numbers (except the initial dead cat bounce) or rider shortages, let alone at what cost to declines in British Speedway club profitability?

Far from being the route to speedway future its boosters claim or imply, perhaps it is the Speedway Grand Prix series business model that is in terminal decline? British Speedway has a long tradition of success and also recovery from tough times. Currently (again) it needs strategy and leadership built on analysis and, now more than ever, the support, voices and advice of real fans. It certainly doesn’t need fairweather or commercially compromised fellow travelers advocating half-baked short-term temporary solutions on our behalf. Hopefully, British speedway is worth much more than that….

Thanks yet again to Charles McKay for these BARB television viewing figures


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3 Responses to Speedway Grand Prix live tv viewing figures decline continues in 2017 (& is now lower than British Speedway live audience)

  1. Stephen J Haire
    November 17, 2017 at 8:42 pm

    Viewing figures for the GP’s I assume are based on the number of subscribers which BT Sports are only going to be concerned about when it comes round to renegotiating viewing rights, with the same going for Sky Sports. This year it is possible to watch all the GP’s, the World Cup (competition devalued by having it every year). the Polish League and Swedish, European Championships etc on You-tube, usually posted the day after the event. Therefor for BT Sports to get more subscribers they need to get You-tube downloading made illegal. As a seasoned supporter I know what I want from British Speedway and I know the solution. Two leagues, no track sharing, no maximum points limits, promotion and relegation, no doubling up/down, riders signed to British League only, with a squad system which would allow for foreign league riders in for injuries only plus a same race night for each league. The GP’s and Polish League have had exceptional racing. British Speedway, whilst televised has been good, when you have teams made up of riders where it gets to the stage where you have to ask your mates who does he actually ride for it becomes rediculous. Sport is about competition, speedway has always been about keeping teams even. No sport has ever suffered for having your Man United’s, Lewis Hamilton’s or Serena Williams. I only went to Rye House 4 times this year, they raced on 3 different days, went 1 month without a home meeting then 3 in 1 week, the side was constantly changing, Chris Harris doubling down at Peterborough, Scott Nicholls a Premiership rider guesting in the play-offs for the Championship and to compound matters Rye has now become a 1 line track, straight out to the fence. All said I enjoy speedway and get depressed at the way British Speedway is run. Yours Steve Haire.

  2. emma
    October 23, 2018 at 9:45 pm

    hi, just wanted to find out where you got the figures from??

  3. February 28, 2019 at 12:41 pm

    these are the official viewing figures on BARB

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