Speedway Life: Twitter & scuttlebutt – January 2012

January 2012

1st January

Paul Burbidge*

If AJ gets chucked out of Zielona Gora a year early over this one SGP rider per club rubbish, there is something very wrong in Poland”

2nd January

Martin Bennett

“Having half watched [the Sky Review 2011] the other night I can’t help but feel the format is wrong. No real analysis and a succession of clips from races intermingled with crashes and someone screaming “Great Speedway” or similar. It made me realise that what’s exciting for me is not just the moment a pass takes place but the build up to it – in fact the whole race. I wonder what any non-speedway person would make of the coverage? A series of events where riders bang into each other?
They’d struggle to even realise that a race is for 4 laps with 4 riders. There was no real mention of the office problems which marred the start of the season. When I said I only half watched it, that was because I read my Kindle during adverts and often failed to notice when the coverage resumed. Perhaps it was a post-Christmas thing on my part?”

Mike Hunter

“This is precisely my feeling about this programme, a wasted opportunity to
show how a season unfolds intermingled with the best (full) races. Ridiculously, I record the programme and keep the DVD but would be very unlikely ever to watch it. I must be an idiot.”


Mark Lemon*

“Man that News Years Classic was good until the final! Found the only grip on the track in 1st turn #tooktheshineoffit”

3rd January

Paul Burbidge*

“Bjerre’s target of a World Championship within three years is a realistic one. But he needs to turn more semis into finals”

Alan Boon*

“I just don’t see it in him. Good look to the little fella but it would be terrible for speedway if he did it #nocharisma”


John Bone

“Mildenhall speedway racing will face a different threat to its existence for each month of the year but survive miraculously”

Fredrik Lindgren*

“Sometimes I act like an idiot here on twitter. Hurting People who don’t deserve it. I take it all back, I’m so sorry!”

Anji Parker*

“22 years service to speedway in the UK and one club [Swindon] puts on an individual meeting the same day as the farewell! #lostforwords”



4th January

Leigh Adams Official*

“Leigh had his first session at Project Walk today! All went well, mainly assessment at this stage”

Speedway GP

Double World Under-21 champion Darcy Ward looks set to miss this season’s competition after reportedly opting out of the Australian Under-21 Final at Kurri Kurri on January 28.”

Gary Patchett

“Alun Rossiter and I liked the look of Nick [Morris] when we first saw him in the UK a couple of years ago and we’re delighted to have him here. His father, Lee, is a close personal friend and Nick rides Blunsdon well, as we found to our cost last season!

He will be in the top five but I have no concerns about that as he has the talent to go a very long way in the sport.”

Nigel Pearson*

“Need a driver and a secretary looking at my 2012 calendar. Help! #busytimes”


5th January

Leigh Adams Official*

“Day 2 at PW…Leigh worked hard today. Retraining & isolating those muscles. All good. Realizing he is lucky compared to some others there”

Nicolai Klindt*

“just discovered that expensive tuna is better than cheap tuna”

Ritchie Boocock*

“Let’s bring a book out with all speedway folks tweets in it. #speedwaylife £5 goes to SRBF so that makes it ok does it? Pls RT”


Nigel Pearson*

“Spent the day on Heathens speedway business, a massive success. Team done, opening night, admission all to be announced soon”

Andy Povey*

“and deals done with important backroom staff #ommerum”


Ritchie Boocock*

“i do it for a laugh Steve just like the rest ov em, but someones makin money #undergroundspeedwaytwatter2012 me thinks”

Steven Dews*

“Yeah all about having a laugh, rather than having to think whether someone’s gonna use it for there own gain! Laziest author ever!”


6th January

Niels Kristian Iversen*

“Stansted airport is actually not a bad place when its not busy. #justsaying”

Niels Kristian Iversen*

“Once again you gotta love a starbucks at 6.am #goodstart”

Lewis Bridger*

“Time to start running putting the Km down 😉 x2 5km run a day”

Alan Boon*

“Two thirds of Coventry’s squad for 2012 are British – how are the rest shaping up? Other EL teams’ Brits: BV 0/6 named, Brum 3/6, KL 1/9, Lakeside 4/9, Pboro 3/9, Poole 0/5, Swindon 2/9, Wolves 1/9. Pathetic. PL not much better! Berwick 1/7, Edinburgh 4/7, Glasgow 2/7, Ipswich 0/7, Leicester 1/7, Newcastle 3/7, Newport 1/7 Redcar 1/7, Rye House 6/7, Scunthorpe 3/7, Sheffield 2/7, Somerset 3/7, Workington 4/7”


7th January

Paul Burbidge*

“I wouldn’t worry about riders going through the first and second bend fence here in Brisbane. There isn’t one”

Nigel Pearson*

“Big decision… is it cold enough for my new polo-neck golf jumper – even though I don’t play golf!”

Anji Parker*

“Following ur updates with interest in the UK Paul. Our best wishes go out to Kozza #topbloke #hasnoluck :(“

Jon Cook

“Adam [Shields] was in our team plans but we ran into some unexpected problems and so we moved in another direction”

Lukas Dryml

“I need to get two small screws removed from my leg in January and I’ll get that done by a top doctor in Prague. The long pin stays in for a year so I will ride with that in 2012 and have it removed next winter. That’s no problem. It will make the bone even stronger.”

Krystian Plech

“It was an invitation from Matt [Ford] because he wanted to show Mats [Szczepaniek] a bit more about British speedway. It’s a very good tradition in British speedway, the dinner dance. Mats said it was a good party. He never thought before about riders being with supporters. You don’t have meetings like that in Poland. He really enjoyed it.”

Ricky Wells

“In fact I’ve thought about it in the past so I guess I’m realising an ambition to race for Sheffield.”

Alan Dick

“I almost choked on my ovaltine when I read on the internet that Berwick had signed [David Bellego] and were proclaiming him as their asset”

George English

“I’m not one for looking at anyone else’s line-up and at this early stage, I’m only concerned with the seven rides I will be working with.”

Gary Patchett*

“Terry [Russell] and I had, both independently, come to the conclusion that something has been missing at Swindon for the last two years, and that was the Rosco factor. Everyone knows he can be a ‘media junkie’ but we now realise that it’s better for the club to have speedway in the papers and on the radio than have other sports fill those gaps. He also brings his own bubbly enthusiasm and I can honestly say that his return has already enthused me.”

Ben Reade

“Loyalty is a big thing with me and though I was bitterly disappointed when [Stoke] dropped me briefly, I am also very aware that they gave me my big chance and pretty much stuck with me when things weren’t going my way.”

Kyle Legault

“I had a crash at Edinburgh half way through the season. I basically lost half a finger. That ruled me out for six weeks.”



8th January

Nigel Pearson*

“Conclusion? I don’t think he’s happy in his job at all – but of course I may be completely wrong. Twitter is, after all, for opinions?”

Nicolai Klindt*

“could do with a curry… two problems though – i’m in denmark and i’m on a diet #lifeishard”

David Hoggart

“My [BSPA Management Committee] involvement seems to be a natural progression from the work I’ve done with the shared events. We put a lot of hard work into it and had some big successes and we have put the events back on the map again and next season we’ll look to make them even stronger. I’m learning all the time and have good people around me.”



9th January

Troy Batchelor*

“oi frampton deleted me off facebook after the skii hahaaah”


Dakota North*

“hey man what fim license do I need? What box do I tick on the sheet? #helpneeded”

Mark Lemon*

“You can tick all the boxes but I’d tick Track Racing International Meetings for $125 #helpathand”


Fredrik Lindgren*

“Full English Breakfast two mornings in a row, don’t know how good that’s for me but hey it’s yummy”

Paul Burbidge*

“Troy Batchelor has pulled out of the Aussie Championship. After getting just two points at North Brisbane, I’m not surprised”





10th January

Fredrik Lindgren*

“I hope Ryanair keep this flight out to Sweden on Tuesday during the summer it’s 2,5 h later then it used to be, and Stansted are quiet!”

Tai Woffinden*

“Any 1 like needels i dont”

David Tattum

“There are numerous rumours at this time of the year about teams either joining or pulling out of the league, so we are waiting for the annual meeting to get some confirmation about the numbers and competitions”

Lewis Kerr*

“Does anyone know of any big potential sponsors? Really need the help for the season coming.”


11th January

Neil Vatcher

“I can hardly contain my excitement at the team that Stuart (Douglas) and Jon (Cook) have put together for 2012”


Nigel Pearson*

have you got an iPod you can use on water?”

Nicolai Klindt*

“on water? dont have a iPod mate”


Alan Boon*

“There are 43 Brits signed up to teams in the EL & PL, and 37 from down under #disgrace #backthebrits”


Fredrik Lindgren*

“Got to my knowledge last night that I will be allowed a Testimonial in 2013, next year that is! #surreal #oldman”

Nigel Pearson*

“I will be there!”


12th January

Leigh Adams Official*

“Another worthwhile session at PW today, Leigh did some gait training (walking motion, suspended in harness for safety)”


Nicolai Klindt*

“just lost my biggest sponsor in 2011 to the economy crisis. life goes on i guess!”

Scott Nicholls*

“me too. It’s tough times man. Happy to have a job that I love though…..most of the time :)”


Chris Neath*

“I’m showing Len twitter and he wants to know what your talking about??”

Linus Sundstrom*

“haha is he still awake? Im on about that some days are better then others! How is france?”

Chris Neath*

“len said “not only is he awake he’s got a 19 year old bird sat next to him doing rude things!” France is awesome dude”


13th January

Trevor Geer

“I can give no details at present as to who will be the final member of the team. We have people in mind and have been approached by a number of riders. It is a crucial signing and Eastbourne Speedway is working hard to bring in a rider who we feel will significantly increase his starting average.”

Alan Boon*

First two names for BenFund Bonanza: Bjerre & Bjarne. YAWN!”

Paul Burbidge*

“Time for bed. I’ll be at Kurri Kurri tomorrow. Big question is can Rohan Tungate make himself a real Aussie title contender?”

Darcy Ward*

All this travel for nothing !”

Nigel Pearson*

“Couple of meetings lined up next week, exciting potential project”





14th January

Jo Lowry*

“I know this is a very random thing to say, but I’d love to go to space one day. Would just put everything into perspective #spacerangerjo”

15th January

Rupert Rigsby*

“The BSPA website has a link to the UK Border Agency! Wouldn’t a link to the full speedway rule book be more appropriate and worthwhile?”

Mark Lemon*

Don’ tyajusthatethat when you’re been in Aussie drinking twist tops & ya comeback to UK, tear ya hand to shreds trying to open a bottle. Doh”

Lewis Kerr*

“Early morning run tomorrow… Then flat roofing.. Then killin the gym”

16th January

Roman Chyla

“Three Polish Speedway EkstraLiga clubs: Czestochowa, Tarnow, and Wroclaw will begin the new season with negative match points.
They were punished by the Polish speedway authorities (GKSZ) for failing to comply with regulations and licensing process.
The phrase used by the authorities means that the above mentioned three clubs failed to pay its riders (what was due to them) by the
required date. That is 30th of November 2011.
For this reason the Czestochowa club the 2012 season will begin with minus 4 match points, Tarnow’s and Wroclaw’s with minus 2
Additionally, each club has to pay fine of 20 thousand PLN. – In doing this, we tried to be fair – said Piotr Szymanski, GKSZ  chairman. – Czestochowa failed to obtain license in the first instance, therefore minus four points for them. Wroclaw and Tarnow  were punished less because they cleared their debts before 7th December, the day when the Speedway Commission’s meeting was held.
Newly promoted Bydgoszcz was fined 2000,.00 PLN. Financial fines were also imposed on other clubs from lower divisions.”


18th January

Jason Garrity*

“I need a girl who can ride ride ride”

Mike Bowden

“Plymouth Devils will run in 2012, but if anybody comes forward to buy the club, I will walk away.”

Jason Garrity*

Bed time i fink and skiing in the morning woop woop”


19th January

Chris Morton

“When we brought back the Colts team last season we had hoped to be in a position to go into the new stadium without an in-between year. But now that won’t happen and we are focussing all our attention on the new stadium. Everything considered we have decided, reluctantly, to put the Colts’ operation on hold.”

Alan Boon*

Darcy Ward & unnamed teenager plead not guilty to rape & sexual assault, will face trial in the spring”

Fredrik Lindgren*

Big aim for 2012, when Hammers arrive at Wolves. Pass P.Karlsson at the Karlsson Corridor! Then rename it to the Lindgren Line!”


20th January

Jason Garrity*

“Sick over life wot i make gose getting to the point nw cba no more i give all i got for 1 thing and all ways bad stuff happen to me no good Just going to make my grandad proud and rya house proud and give 110 all the time”

Rob Godfrey

“We’re in good company, as Henderson Insurance also sponsor the Leeds Rhinos Rugby League team, as well as recently retired double World Superbike Champion James Toseland.”

Scott Nicholls*

“Feeling the love on twitter for mine & Sophie R Blake wedding tomorrow”



21st January

Chris Neath

“I’ve really taken to Jason, he is a talented boy with a really great attitude and while ski-ing with him I’ve learned a lot about his character. I’m sure I can help him achieve all those high ambitions he has for himself and in doing so put plenty of points on the board for the team.”

Chris Holder

“I’m glad I can take part in those meetings because the [Elite] Shield is the only top-flight trophy Poole have yet to win.”

Peter Adams

“Freddie is at the stage of his career where he can achieve a 10-point average for Wolverhampton with his eyes closed”

Neil Vatcher

“I’m walking eight-foot tall at the moment at the prospect of managing the side next season. It feels as if I’m living a dream”


Alun John Rossiter*

just blocked the knob see what he put on Scott’s status outrageous hate to think what Scott would do to him if he got hold of him”

Joe Screen*

“it’s gone over my head bloke I bet it’s that tranny from the south #gottolafftho”


Joe Screen*

“Everytime I go in the workshop I seem to come out with a cut finger  #speedwaytuning”

Gary Havelock*

“hands go soft over the winter mush”


Matt Ford

“Speedway should be all about racing against the best [squad] teams on a certain day.”

Rob Lyon

“As cruel as it is, injuries are going to be there for someone”

Neil Middleditch

“Chris [Holder] was a year older and a year wiser, maybe he was set up a bit better. Their schedules are so busy. He learnt to pace himself a bit more and keep the energy there for the play-offs”

Ben Wilson

“A few people have asked why don’t you do a bit of National League but I’m not interested. To be honest I feel I’m too good for that. I want to go forward, not take a step back.”

Simon Lambert

“It was Sheffield’s silence that put me onto Leicester, it said in the Speedway Star last week that Ashley Birks left and then I left – well I didn’t leave or get told to leave, but it was the silence that killed everything.”

Richie Worrall

“Steve and I have had to do just about everything ourselves from scratch and whilst there are people out there willing to help if they can, believe me, there are also sharks out there who see young lads starting out with little idea and it’s been all too easy to get ripped off. I’m not naming names – but you live and learn and my eyes have been opened quite a bit. Some people who make a living from the sport will rip young riders off in different ways and it’s so wrong the way they take advantage of your naivety.”

Neil Middleditch

“It’s hard to judge Mateusz [Szczepaniek] on less than two laps although you could see his potential”






22nd January

Paul Bellamy

“I’m sure the New Zealand fans will reward the loyalty [Jason Bunyan] has shown by competing in their national championships for so many years and support him as one of their own at the Grand Prix in March. Jason has a reputation for being a tough customer on the track and he won’t be intimidated by the prospect of taking on 15 of the world’s best riders in this historic meeting.”

Nigel Pearson*

“Vital for NZ SGP to be a success. Jason isn’t SGP standard but you have to balance the commercial aspect with locals in mind”

Nigel Pearson*

Take your negative points about wildcard on board but there has to be a balance. Big call to stage a meeting outside Europe. #SGP”

Nigel Pearson*

“NZ SGP could be a vital marker for future of series. I’m hoping they get 10,000 in there and the NZ Champ will help do that”

Gary Havelock*

“Talk about miserable. Woman on the till in tesco you would of thought I’d asked her for 1 of her arms. I only wanted another plagy bag”

Alun John Rossiter*

“did you [Joe Screen] pick the wild card bloke? #somebodysomewhereslosttheplot”


Nigel Pearson*

“I thought twitter was about opinion – oh well!”

Nicki Pedersen*

“Sitting planing all my flights for 2012 better make the right decisions ;o) #waytoomanyflightsalready”



23rd January

Troy Batchelor*

“Rory [Schlein] you booked up for Gdańsk ? Go Ryan Air from stansted its good Times ect”


24th January

Chris Holder*

“Jus got my passport back with my visa inside!!!! Yeeeeeew fastest visa I’ve ever got! An don’t need another one until 2015! #stoked”

Nicki Pedersen*

“Been booking flights all day during i got 3 credit card blocked for my bank, thought they were abused maybe they were but it was by myself”



25th January

Nigel Pearson*

“I know plenty of potential promoters who would be happy to revive Bradford Dukes speedway at Odsal. Was one of my favourite tracks”

David Howe*

“Thanks to specialised aerosols my bikes not only look sexy this year they smell good too”

Andy Povey*

“Off out later this afternoon with some of the Racers old boys for a bite to eat and drink”

Gary Havelock*

“In post office, held up A4 envelope so woman behind the glass could see the address. After a pause she said’do you want to post that?’…..”

Peter Johns*

“I’be been doing what I do for a long time now, still keep learning new things”

Nigel Pearson*

“Jimmy Floyd Hasselbank. Blanked me in mixed zone. Then his publishers wanted him on my show to plug book!”


26th January

Nicki Glanz*

“Sad to hear that Jason Lyons has retired #King”

Nigel Pearson*

“Had productive meeting with legendary speedway boss Colin Pratt tonight. Working on an exciting project, more details 9am Saturday”

Greg Hancock*

“Can’t wait to get sideways tomorrow!”



27th January

Nicolai Klindt*

“awkward moment – when you in the priority que showed you boarding pass and it says other que  #disaster”

Alan Boon*

“The Brummies seem to be putting together the weirdest team ever seen in the EL. Expect them to sign a woman next :)”

Alun John Rossiter*

“Love people on here that moan and have digs yet just like the key board warriors no name no face can see some blocking coming on !!”

Jo Parry*

“if anyone is moaning about the [new Swindon] logo Rosco I am very happy to chat with them about it. Let’s see who steps forward eh? 😉 #cowards”


28th January

Mike Bennett*

“enjoying the positive feedback on [Michael Lee] Radio 4 speedway feature yesterday. Didn’t know that it was going out and haven’t heard it yet!!! :-)”

Nicolai Klindt*

“blood tests went all fine. was on a 30mins photo shoot in -10 degrees, before meeting with the big president”


Nigel Pearson*

“Just been told to read a speedway forum thread on the evening with Greg Hancock I’m organising and it underlines why I ignore that rubbish”

Andy Povey*

“I’ve been reading the thread this morning. It’s quite bizarre!”


29th January

Colin Barber

“I Knew Michael [Lee] when he was World Champion and I know him now and I would say without fear of contradiction he was and still is one of the real nice guys in Speedway”

Nicolai Klindt*

“good night from best western in wroclaw room 111 on 1st floor”



30th January

Tai Woffinden*

“In 2h its been 2years since me and mum said our final good bye to dad Miss ya mate xx”



31st January

Alun John Rossiter*

“Down side to loosing weight always cold at the mo,even got me long johns on !!!”

David Watt*

“so FYI. Unless you’re a sexy chick or my wife, I don’t want to know what underwear your wearing !!”


Mike Bowden

“We’re a bit disappointed because there are six weeks to go until the end of the season and now we’re told Ricky won’t be joining us. We are looking for a replacement – either an Elite League rider or somebody with a high average. We are negotiating with someone at the moment, but he is proving to be a bit expensive.”

Alan Boon*

“Ricky Ashworth rejects Plymouth? Could Berwick actually be signing a second Brit? Even if it is forced on them!”






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