Speedway Life: Twitter & scuttlebutt – July 2012

1st July

Mark Lemon*

Proper little tweek to my left knee. Nothing I haven’t experienced before! Tiny bit of r&r needed #thanksforallyourkindthoughts”

Mark Lemon*

“Richie Worrall getting his morphine fix #littlestepbacktoabigfuture speedy recovery fella. I heard the realignment #crunch”

Niels Kristian Iversen*

And for once we had no rain in both practice and the meeting in vojens. What’s going on ??”

Rory Schlein*

Slamming a pot of porridge down at luton✈and there a lot of rude ppl here today don’t f#%k with me ya greasy ITIES”

Tony Webb

“Is there anyway we can check on how many members emailed Mr Bellamy?
I did not get an acknowledgement to the [Freddie Williams/Cardiff SGP] email I sent him. Have other [Yahoo speedway] members had the same negative response?”


Richie Worrall*

it’s not too bad now.. Hurt yesterday ask Lemo haha #morphinetime”

Mark Lemon*

the bugger’s wouldn’t give any to me

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