Speedway Life: Twitter & scuttlebutt – May 2012

1st May

Hans Andersen*

Morning people… YAWN way too early for travelling by plane to Sweden”

Kenneth Bjerre*

Hope the weather is better in sweden tonight. Early morning at stansted airport”

Chris Holder*

“Stansted ✈… Errrrrrh to early”

Nicki Pedersen*

Flying to Sweden now. swedish League starts tonight. Danish League tomorrow #fulltimespeedwayrider”

Mads Korneliussen*

Germen league today, sun is out #loveit #GetWellSoon Einar”

Nicki Glanz*

Hates all these fixture changes in uk, got like 3 flights I can use now ! #fuming✈”


Torben Olsen*

“On my way to Gothenburg. We start the track build today… Fingers crossed for nice weather”

Paul Burbidge*

“Good luck mate. Fingers crossed we finally get a sunny race day, so people can see just how good it is”


Ludvig Lindgren*

“Back in Sweden now! Waiting for Darcy Ward never take an Aussie again f*king special passports #noEUpassport”


Claudia Brown*

“can’t believe I am listening to biker.fm but waiting for an interview with the little Big Dog Nicki Pedersen #woohoo”

Nicki Pedersen*

“i like that i know you will always listening to me sweety lol ;o)”

Claudia Brown*

“FALSE ALARM it’s 9pm tonight not 9am WOOF #alwayslisteninglover ;)”


Fredrik Lindgren*

“Very disappointed with last night thought we deserved a win sorry I couldn’t do it for the boys in the last heat”

Ludvig Lindgren*

“baahaha deserve to win what a joke! The ones that deserves 2 win is the team that scores the most points! And who was that?”


Joseph Screen*

“£75 sheets excess mornings not started well”

Andrew Tully*

“Oooft…sunny day in Newcastle! ☀☀”

Adam Roynon*

“When I’ve got days off, my alarm is always on for 11am! I love a lie in #lazyb&stard”


Gary Havelock*

“God damn morphine induced constipation wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy”

Suzi Perry*

“oh Gary I hate to say it but I know how you feel!”

Gary Havelock*

“Brings tears to your eyes just thinking about it eh ?”

Stuart Robson*

“unlucky, feels Like it’s got spikes on when it finally happens! At least your not stuck in bed to do it!!!”


Nicolai Klindt*

“thanks a lot for all the messages people have send me, impossible to answer on all of them! i’ve broke my shoulderblade in 3 places and will be out for 4-6 weeks which means i’ll miss the danish final, gp qaulifiers and a lot of meetings in may. but is positive!”

Nicolai Klindt*

“just seen the crash for the first time. i knew darcy was in there, but didn’t think he would come in that fast which messed my corner up and then turned way to late which made me get off the bike. really gutted that the night had to end like this, when it was going so well. but can only stay positive and next time i’ll keep darcy past me, haha.”

Paul Burbidge*

“Owners of Newport speedway Stadium have put in a planning bid to demolish it. To object, click here:”

Paul Burbidge*

“I’ve spoken to Phil Morris, who says he and an ‘experienced promoter’ are ready to save Newport. But without a stadium, the Wasps are sunk.”

Phil Morris*

“Just been in deep thinking mode to pick the 5 riders for U21 team world Semi @ Lakeside? what are your picks? mine still under wraps :)”

Rory Schlein*

“Thank god I’m doing more than 1 meeting this week. Was startin to think what I did for a living ha ha just herd the news on our new signing”

Pontus Aspgren*

“ust done a 1h power nap well needed had quick practice earlier today and a nice lunch. So im ready to rock”


Rory Schlein*

“As its yet another shitty day

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