Speedway Life: Twitter & scuttlebutt – November 1st to 11th 2012

1st November

Kenneth Bjerre

completely forgotten what it’s like to be speedway rider. early morning. Back home to uk again. Dinner & dance at peterborough tomorrow”

David Howe

“1st November and speedway season over, I’ve never been so happy to see the end of a season”

Mads Korneliussen

“Thinking big #2013”

Ty Proctor

“All set good day at the doctors and dentist, just waiting for bikes now”

Kyle Howarth

Im just a White from Mani trying to make a bit off money hollla”

Hans Andersen

“Love it when silly season starts who’s riding where etc. the amount of places I’m gonna next year only time to race in UK haha…”

Danny Halsey

“I’ve consumed a sausage an egg mcmuffin, rowntrees randoms, munchies, 2 packs of fridge raiders and a lion bar and its only 10.24am. FS”

Nigel Pearson

“So we’re into November and the end of another speedway season. There’s been some fantastic moments but its also been a very tough year”

Adam Roynon

“Been in Hospital since 7am and still waiting to go for my operation! #nerves #bored #roadtorecovery”

Bryn Williams

“Now speedway season is over it’s time to catch up on some lost sleep!”

Kenneth Bjerre

“Home made pizza. What can beat it?”

Linus Sundstrom

“At the airport now flying to UK ! End of season party tomorrow night. Taking Johanna to lakeside for some shopping in the day”

Adam Roynon

“Back up on the ward after my operation.. Everything is feeling good though (just mega sore) Find out how it went in the morning”


2nd November

Adam Roynon

“I hate people who snore!!!!! #LifeProblems #wideawake”

Mads Korneliussen

“Morning run delayed because of thunder ⚡”

Gary Havelock

“Good morning tweeple. How you all doing? I’m being chauffeur driven by my beautiful wife on the way to see my surgeon in Leeds”

Alun John Rossiter

“Wow 4999 followers”

Gary Havelock

“Just introduced Mrs H to mackydoodles breakfast. Yum yum”

Kyle Newman

“I’m not gunna lie, I’m looking forward to waking up and not freezing my arse off the minute I get out of bed! ☀”

Robert Mear

“Gutted I won’t be playing in lee’s footy match! had a play in the week and my knee swelled up again! MRI scan Tuesday!!”

Paul Burbidge

“Could be a very quiet season for Gollob in 2013. No contract in Sweden. Will anyone snap him up in April?”

Gary Havelock

“Oh and just to clear up something for a lot of you. I was christened Robert Gary Havelock. My parents have a lot to answer for”

Troy Batchelor

“How goods my Cleaner Brought me Home made shepards pie And some birthday cake what a legend”

Rory Schlein

“All set up for bonfire party 2moro night think I got enough fire power to light up the street, last time ppl were on their deck chairs Down our street should of charged them cant see this year bein any different”

Ludvig Lindgren

“I ❤ cleaning the last bit of the house!”

Nicolai Klindt

“been a busy week in denmark with sponsors and stuff. gonna be good to see sera and a clean flat”

Brendan David Johnson

“Standard drive through Boscganistan, see what crack addicts and hookers are about tonight.! #Boscombe”


3rd November

Byron Bekker

“I think I slightly over did it last night knees like a football but was worth it good party”

Aaron Summers

“Anyone got Steve Brandon’s number?”

Craig Cook

“Can’t wait to hit up the dance floor at Edinburgh dinner dance tonight. Going to end up on my face”

Oxford Speedway

“All set for the Sportsman Dinner with Tony Mole and Joe Haines”

Oxford Speedway

“The food and centre piece are ready for action. Joe Haines has just arrived so it’s all go”

Chris Holder

“Anything good happening to tonight in Bournemouth or Poole?”

Oxford Speedway

“The centre piece is revealed”

Oxford Speedway

“Food is served”

Oxford Speedway

“Even more food is served”

Linus Sundstrom

“Back in from a good dinner with my awesome uk family! Cant believe that ive already stayed with them for 4years.. Back home tomorrow again!”

Oxford Speedway

“Joe Haines now being asked 20 questions!”


Craig Cook

“fack off I’m drunkkkk!”

Andrew Tully

“and errrrrrr me too”


Chris Holder

“1st night in my bed since my crash! Couldn’t make it upstairs! Couch did a great job! Bloody comfy! Good to be back in bed tho!”


4th November

Dakota North

“4th in Argentina Gp! Fucking oath best finish this year”

Nicolai Klindt

“now bag was 10,75kg and was ok. last time bag was 11,20kg and not ok which cost me £50. where do they think its too heavy? #ryanair”

Paul Burbidge

“So three points between Jepsen Jensen and Janowski going into the World U21 decider next Saturday. Can MJJ withstand the pressure?”

Greg Hancock

“You suddenly realize all the friends and those you’ve lost when you stand here and light a candle!”


“Dudley to sign Martin Vaculik for next season on a 5.33 assessed average? I know that would work. I assessed it myself”

Jo Lowry

“The Audi driver across the road really is the biggest knob head on earth. Clearly someone that gets off on one by intimidating young females”

Darcy Ward

“Starting to pack for aus !! Yeahhh”

Justin Sedgmen

“Hope they change the under 21 world final back to one round next year ! Cost of it all now is way to hard”

Lewis Bridger

“So… my Mrs brings me up strawberries & champagne for breakfast in bed as it’s my B-day :)))))) #likeaboss”

Mads Korneliussen

“Red onion makes everything better”

Tai Woffinden

“Early christmas today awesome”

Tom Durno

“my dad is a legend sometimes”

Lewis Bridger

“Would be awesome to reach 5k followers before my birthday finishes!”

Dakota North

“can’t remember anything from last night, apart from I brought some girl home that speaks not one word English and feel asleep on her haha”

Josh Gudgeon

“I’ve seen some comments online that imply that Sheffield are thinking of changing race-night’s solely to suit Simon Stead. I can assure you that, after speaking to Neil and Hoggy regularly, that is not the case”

Cameron Woodward

“At heathrow about to fly to Aussie. A big thankyou to my sponsors, mechanics, the Geer’s, friends and family who made this season possible. Ive had an amazing fun European season. I’m sad to leave you all but feb will be here in no time. Can’t wait for 2013.”

Adam Roynon

“Got an old boy two beds across from me singing ‘oh thankyou Jesus’ over and over to himself and its one of the cutest things ever!! #madness”

Gary Havelock

“Overwhelmed with the amount of best wishes today. Tried to reply to you all but had to concede defeat so if I missed anyone out I’m sorry”


5th November

Kevin Doolan

“Thermals on for the first time today, think I’ve done we’ll!”

Len Silver^

“For the No.1 slot, I am not looking for a spectacular rider. I have plenty of those. The team needs a rider of long experience who can score consistently and reliably on all tracks. He also needs to be a person who fits in with our family ideology and not a prima donna. Such riders are not easy to find”

Mads Korneliussen

Wish an iPhone could make a phone call! That’s the only thing it can’t do”

Danny Halsey

Love Mondays, love working, yes yes yes #fuckoff”

Andy Povey

Car fails MOT”


Tai Woffinden

Dads brother Keith woffinden passed away at 10.50am today RIP buddy”

Steve Dixon

“Sorry to hear that, used to chat on the centre..RIP Keith”



Craig Cook

Well the seasons done and dusted and I’m bored out of my head. To cold as well. What do I do for 4 month?”

Claudia Brown

“get a job lad!!!”


Alun John Rossiter

Watching itv 4 Gareth Thomas he may be gay but respect”

Lewis Bridger

Me & my girl out for dinner before the little princess decides to come out”


6th November

Danny King

Went to see Kevin Bloody Wilson last night in Newcastle, Top night. he Still cracks me up #funnyas”


Nicolai Klindt

buying a car private or dealer?”

Lewis Bridger

“private but take someone with u that knows there stuff, go in the day when it’s nice and bright make sure u don’t miss anything. check inside boot For any creases make sure it hasn’t been in any accidents & the norm cam belt replaced/clutch over 50k gd luck.”

Nicolai Klindt

“thanks for the help, i’ll try to look at both options. just mad how the same car can be half price at private than at dealer”


Stein Waalen^

“For many years now I have been able to watch speedway on Sky from my
armchair. Once again I must say that I have only watched a handful of
meetings. To be fair, I haven`t seen many Swedish League meetings either. In
my view the product is getting worse every year, racing is usually
processional and boring and the bikes are still too fast. And next year could be even worse when only the richest riders can afford the titanium in the engines.”

Paul Burbidge

“What absolute numbskull at Dorset Council closed Sandbanks ferry, Blandford Rd in Upton and put roadworks on Upton bypass in the same week?”

Rich Jones

“Good to see the Promoters at Birmingham trying something different again with the lowered Season Ticket prices. Just hope the risk pays off”



“World champ Chris Holder finds out on Thursday whether or not he needs surgery on his broken leg”

Chris Holder

“it’s actually my knee! Not my leg!”


Tom Perry

“Love it when your girlfriend beats you up with a dolphin teddy and hits you repeatedly in the face with it… Love you too babe 🙂 <3 hahaxx”

Gary Havelock

“24 hour sickness bug. What a nightmare. The Mrs and kids are finally pulling through. Amazingly I avoided it thank god”

Mark Sawbridge

“At Birmingham Town Hall to see the Proclaimers”

Jo Lowry

“Saw my first Olecranon Bursitis tonight at training. So fascinating! However concerned that a Physio had told the player he’d torn a tendon!”

Sealy Middleton

“Its been a long day driving round central London,getting very lost with world #1 (backseat driver) Chris Holder”

Danny Halsey

“1 fucking number? That’s not gonna buy me a fucking pirate shit is it!”



7th November

Kyle Newman

Halfway there! Just got to Singapore got 5 hours then off we go again. May have to visit the gardens here loving the heat!”

Kenny Ingalls

“On the way to the airport, peace out england, its been a hell of a ride!”

Kyle Newman

Gotta thank me sister, signed me up to airport angel thing, now sat in the premier lounge getting free food drink wifi massage and shower!”

Alan Boon

Nine days until the BSPA AGM – who will represent the Bees?”

Craig Cook

First gym session in 2 week. You know you’ve tried hard when last nights tea comes up. no pain no gain”

Chris Holder

Knee is ok.. Ill no more tomorrow arvo!”

Gary Irving

Fuck the gym tonight, make the most of an empty house and chill out with a chinese, kopparberg and the tele!”

David Watt

I had my operation today and am feeling sleepy and sore but it all went well. Happy its done and can now get better. nil by mouth aint fun !”


David Rowe

Amazing that as recently as 2006 the EL ran 40 matches+playoffs+KOC+Craven Shield. So already a major cutback in recent years”

Alan Boon

“29-30 week season and some clubs can only run 14 meetings? Joke”


Mikkel Bech Jensen

Shout out to all the women who don’t need to dress half naked to get a man’s attention. Stay classy! The rest of you, come with me”

Mikkel Bech Jensen

“This Argentina show is so unorganized and a mess! They don’t now how to plan down here. Everything is being done in last minute so we can’t plane anything!”

Mikkel Bech Jensen

Another thing. My box I send down here it’s smashed too! I have 2 repair it before sending it back home otherwise I won’t get it back alive”


8th November

Ryan Fisher

Had a problem with the shop on website will be up and going in a couple days. Thanks for your patience. Will give a tweet when it’s fixed!!”


Alan Boon

No Ben Barker for the Brummies in 2013 then… Interesting!”

Jeff Povey

“Ben Barker & Graham Drury ? Must have been like oil and water. On a better note, no Barker for Swindon ! Yes, get in !!!!! ;)”


Rory Schlein

School run done now it’s on the dog and bone lots to get sorted for 2013”

Chris Holder

Good news ! Not guna need an op on my knee! Pretty relieved about that!

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