Speedway Life: Twitter & scuttlebutt – September 2012

1st September

John Anderson

“Here at Berwick we have seen a reduction in gates since the start of the year. Financially we are just about washing our face, we have no outstanding debts, but another hundred or so through the gate every week would make it more viable.”

Darcy Ward*

After lakeside drove though London was pretty cool never been . Got to hotel and was a gipsy wedding on! Cops everywhere”

Graham Drury

“I will say we have had some poor results of late which may ultimately prove costly to us, but I am not giving up hope, far from it. And Phil Morris will be telling our riders we will continue to push as hard as we can to reach the top four until it becomes mathematically impossible.”

Chris Van Straaten

“It’s no answer to the problem to slash the points limit because it doesn’t reduce costs, it simply costs you fans.”

Neil Middleditch

“Matt is very clever. He’s very astute with the averages and everything, but I think we’re a little more tied this year.”

Chris Van Straaten

“When the TV deal started we all thought it was the panacea for the sport, but that revenue is now all going straight to the riders.”

Chris Holder*

6am flights can faaaaaark right off”

Mikkel Bech Jensen

“I definitely want to ride as Mikkel Bech – B-E-C-H. It gets too confusing with both me and Michael Jepsen Jensen and there are too many Jensens in Denmark. I get people coming up to me all the time talking about what I’ve done in a meeting – and it wasn’t me!”

Darcy Ward*

Hearing that Minch airport going on strike !! Bullshit ya doggs.. WORK !!”

Ryan Fisher*

Thanks to my wife for being my mechanic 1/2 way through meeting when no one was around to help?suddenly everyone was there to help lol”

Chris Neath*

Don’t ya just hate it when ya make a big bowl of cereal to find out you got no milk left”

Niels Kristian Iversen*

Gotta say I’m dissapointed by fact that there were no trophies for the winners last night. Become champion and you get only flowers #tight”

Ritchie Boocock*

Last nights winner for the ‘meet the riders’ was won by G the Bee from the BSF, please make contact for further details”


Adam Roynon*

The guy opposite me is an ex rider who rode in the 80s for Ipswich! His name is Tim Hunt if any fans remember him? #smallworld #speedwayfam”

Andy Povey*

“also rode a number of years with Reading Racers. I was there the night he crashed and finished his career at Sheffield”

Jonathan Barber*

“tim hunt…ipswich legend…hard as nails mate….would have smoked you lol”

Paul Hunsdon*

“yes Tim rode for Reading. Ask him about night throttle stuck open & he flew across c/green. Good luck with your recovery bud”


Alan Boon*

Must be a glutton for punishment but I’m thinking of going to Leicester next Saturday”

Alan Boon*

“KENNETTWATCH: Ed’s playing catch-up on the target I set him before the Brum meeting. He needs to score between 18 & 22 in the next 2 matches”

Alan Boon*

“I’ve been thinking about last year, and why – for many reasons – it just wasn’t fun. I think the major factor was no Bomber”

Scott Nicholls*

“Why is it that men who wear T’s with ‘I’m as good as it gets’ on the front really shouldn’t!!!! women must think,’I bloody hope not’!!”

Taylor Poole*

“On the toilet at Rye House speedway but lack of lighting in change rooms i have my #Beta torch with me #boyscout”

Nicolai Klindt*

“nice when your so called mate Peter Kildemand invites you to his bday party and then then don’t book you a seat at the resturant”

David Watt*

“Happy that we could all show our support for Rico and his family today. Was really great to see the speedway world come together like that Gotta say that when the Rzeszow fans lit the lanterns and set them off after the meeting today, I was close to having a little cry”

George English*

“Adam – on a few days break in Paris what have you done”

Alan Boon*

“Belle Vue getting a MAULING at Eastbourne – 50-22 after 12 heats!”

Mads Korneliussen*

“Been called A scary Japanese man! Today #wired #funny”


Alan Boon*

“Final score from Eastbourne – 61-29. The Aces didn’t even bother using a tactical. What a world!”

David Rowe*

“They did, they just didn’t given them any extra points. Rooboy 3rd and Mroczka last I’m told”


Chris Holder*

“Good to see a good turnout for Rico today in rzeszow.. Still hard to believe his gone but a good meeting in his honour”

Mark Sawbridge*

“If Norwich’s speedway team can’t use the name ‘Stars’, may I suggest that they call themselves ‘the Partridges’? #A-ha!”

Connor Dugard*

“Never racing hungover again”

Chris Neath*

“Would like to know why my blackberry takes hours to receive tweets sometimes? #confused”


2nd September

Dakota North*

No better feeling than Racing for your country and with some of your best Mates!”

Scott Nicholls*

“Watching the usual “can u fit the bag in the Ryan Air measure gauge” comedy show. Turn it all u like,it ain’t gonna fit!! £50please,shocking”

Brendan David Johnson*

“Off to mildenhall today to try and beat the tigers.Also I’m racing for Oxford Cheetahs again Thursday at Swindon”

Lewis Bridger*

“Last night prob the hardest pain barrier I have ever rode through it’s not nice feeling out of control but my team need me #playoffs”

Scott Nicholls*

“Passport control: ‘take your hat off!!’ me: ‘no worries’ but thinking,does my hat really totally change the look of my face!!”

Chris Holder*

“Home on a Sunday! That don’t happen much these days!!!”

Dakota North*

“I met the sexiest girl the Friday night, forgot to ask what her name was”

Chris Holder*

“Never said I’m a Southampton fan jus would be kool to see them beat man u! #underdogsontop”

Andrew Tully*

“Speedway bike stolen from my workshop in Newcastle, thursday night! Please RT, help me find it! Thanks #thievingscum”

Brendan David Johnson*

“Never ridden such a wet slushy horrible track… Ended up on 4points with two breakdowns #nothappy”

Gary Havelock*

“And the piston out of my 92 winning engine, since been engraved”

Alan Jones

“If I was to single one person out it would be Lewis Blackbird who not only scored paid seven, his best yet but the manner in which he earned them.”

Michael Lee

“Before the meeting everything was looking so good, I fully expected the track record to be broken. Then came the rain that no one was expecting, which at the midway point made conditions very difficult.”

Nicolai Klindt*

“doesn’t hope it’s gonna be a major issue that i can’t remember where i parked my van in mid-stay in stansted”

Tai Woffinden*

“wish holly was here im sooooo hungry…”

Mason Campton*

“Cant beleive the whole team has found out who [the fake Stewart Dickson] is!!”

Joseph Screen*

“Some say it’s dusty at Ashfield, don’t know where they get that idea”

Nicolai Klindt*

“off to england. can’t wait to get home and see sera. and it’s raining in denmark too. not looking forward to this ryanair flight though”

Gary Patchett*

“Where is the next British GP rider coming from. We need another Briggo, Mauger or Moore ASAP”

David Howe*

“Really looking forward to waking up in the morning and not having this hangover”

Tai Woffinden*

“my 3 english jawas are forsale peter johns has just serviced them so there ready to bolt in! £2000 each”

Nicolai Klindt*

“just landed, but now they fucking taking the piss with the stairs”

Tai Woffinden*

“note to self! its way easyer to buy then sell”

Adam Roynon*

“I tell you what though.. more than a bit gutted that the Workington management haven’t been in touch to ask how I am or anything #hmmmm”

Cameron Woodward*

“Thanks heaps Dave [Howe]. Hope your healing up good mate. You would have loved it there today. Smooth as, well for grass”


3rd September

Alan Boon*

Anyone have the slightest idea what – and when – speedway is on Sky this week? #MysteryMeetings”

Scott Nicholls*

Breezed through passport control. Fastest at Luton for a loooong time

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