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Tatum & Pearson live 2016 Tour – Poole event

The Kelvin Tatum & Nigel Pearson 2016 road show sees the renowned television speedway commentary duo return to Wimborne Road – the home of Poole Pirates Speedway and location of their inaugural speaking event – for the fourth of their six date Sports Talk Events Tour. With doors open at 7pm, thirty minutes before metaphorical…

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Profiles of some of the people behind the scenes at Arlington

All over the country each speedway club has volunteers who give up many our to the sport and the club that they love. Without this unpaid labour many clubs couldn’t run or function as well as they do. I like to think that my books have given an airing to many of the neglected but…

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Qualification conundrum

Given that the Speedway Star and the Speedway Grand Prix appear wedded at the hip, it’s astonishing to read some reasonably strong criticism of this event within its pages (both on September 13th as well as the subsequent meeting report on September 20th). Let alone to find that the chief critic is Philip Rising! Beyond…

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