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FIM Speedway Grand Prix exclusive rights auction (2022-2031): part 2

THE Fédération Internationale de Motocyclisme (FIM) £100+ million Promoter of “the Championship” – aka the  Speedway Grand Prix (SGP) & Speedway World Cup (or Speedway of Nations) – contract is still up for grabs and a decision is expected shortly. With only BSI IMG and Eurosports Events (part of Discovery) the only two bidders remaining…

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The strange case of Speedway Grand Prix programme shrinkage

  It’s a really tough job to learn anything of value or gain insights from Speedway Grand Prix reports on its website or in trade press reports, let alone any SGP programme. That said, though not an exact science, the ongoing declining popularity of the Speedway Grand Prix is, perhaps, further laid bare by recent…

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