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Bibliophiles Corner – Sue Jackson-Scott

Shale Britannia – Jeff Scott published by Methanol Press £15, ISBN 978-0955310324.

As Jeff was disappointed by the Voice printing his own press release on this publication, I shall give in and tell him, and all other members, my impressions of his book.
Don’t show Shale Britannia to anyone who isn’t a fully committed, life-long fan. If you do, you will never be able to persuade them to go to a match!
This book graphically shows the sights of speedway that Sky Sports manages to hide – the bleak locations of most tracks, the dilapidated stands (if there are any stands at all) and the general squalid and sordid facilities. Jeff’s photos show the real state of British speedway and they are not pretty pictures.
I hope the BSPA see this book and realise the true state of decay the sport has reached. These pictures, more than any words, should wake the promoters up to the fact that something drastic must be done.
Perhaps too many fans view speedway through rose-coloured spectacles, but even they may be disillusioned by these images.
Well done, Jeff, for showing it like it really is!

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