How to Buy My Books Free of P&P at Waterstones/Ottakers

You can now buy ‘Showered in Shale’ (or ‘When Eagles Dared’) Postage Free!

I think it’s always best to support your local bookshop or trackshop wherever possible…

However, now that the season is over and the trackshops are shuttered for the close season, you may like to consider ordering any copies you need of my books for Christmas presents or to while away the long winter evenings from your local branch of Waterstones/Ottakers Bookshops.

After Frank Keating reviewed it in the Guardian, every branch of Watersones/Ottakers in the UK now stocks a copy of ‘Showered in Shale’ and, unless it’s been bought or stolen, they’ll be able to order you a copy!

It’s the ideal way to save on postage and packing charges…

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