Review in ‘the Voice’

“I found this book difficult to enjoy properly on three counts; the terrible type face chosen, far too many footnotes (on average more than one per page) and Jeff’s rather pretentious and ponderous writing style. Speedway is a rather basic sport and comes across better when described in words of fewer syllables…This review may sound rather anti Showered in Shale, but this book is a “must have” for all speedway fans, if only to argue Jeff’s opinions of the tracks”.

Sue Jackson-Scott [no relation!] the Voice: The Official Journal of the Friends of Speedway

This excellent and always independent minded quarterly magazine is a must read for speedway fans of all ages and can be ordered from:
Stuart Towner
117 Church Lane
Surrey KT9 2DP
0208 397 6599

Subscriptions are £10 for four issues.

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