Monty Python redux

Taken from Holsted Speedway newspage:

The charge by the calling off from VM to speedway racing can be risk that run into a tocifret millionbeløb. Gelsenkirchen Earth risk to be vådt , catching decent locates that out to Guds available nature. Wet earth is difficult that do dry , catching decent to cold oktobervejr throw that in at a dance giant phases except wind and except chance of , that the sun can be assist. The teach has Ole Olsen and popular at the back VM – the batch actually done. They knew that naturally good to confound. Therefore should they swear by , that they no getting throw they tons earth into a cause or a warehouse.

So had Ole Olsen no needed that walk the hard walk from his provisionally bureau at Comfortable Bullring and up to press conference – the room to advertise the saturday calling off from årets 11. and last VM – department. A scandalous from precedence were a reality. A painful by the sport , there experience ditto by five år the paper to Göteborg , when decent too had constructed a desperate orbit and be at liberty to scratch a VM – run. At that time were that no Ole Olsens and his they , there had constructed the track , that stood awash. However saturday were that Olsens liability. And there were no water at the track. The danish legend should define whole speedwayverden and they fans underway to Gelsenkirchen , that VM – finance were counted away.

At a orbit by grip at! It was absurd. The årige sønderjyde had that no good. Fear by additional problems the lust forth from him , when he be at liberty to scratch friday practice. The was exposed to to saturday morning , however again exposed. »Det deals no about , that vi runs declines that cart at the track. Vi can be whole single no. Decent cant turn the bicycle said VM storfavoritten Nicki Pedersen saturday dinner. Minutes forinden had Ole Olsen , his they and a handful speedwayledere gone a turn at they tons earth. It was that that go for somebody svamp. Olsens forstenede face said all. A extensive calculation The calling off to Göteborg spend the organisers round eight millions features. The account to Gelsenkirchen can presume to be bigger. Expensive proves that too that displace course to polish Bydgoszcz , where VM – the gold actually proves definitely at saturday.

It is a permanent orbit , however except grip by. On the other hand is the track so good drænet , that a regnvejrs – calling off is utænkelig. Runs to ryttergården were fattede. They’ve frequently proven that go to a run , that the nature by kaskader from rain has got cancelled. However that walk were that weirdie. There’s in spite of everything cover by rain at Comfortable Bullring. The rumours run. Were that actuals precisely , that decent had mixed the earth last week out of to a fierce regnvejr? Could that real apply , that the much earth only had come out to the nature and no under cover the paper course to Gelsenkirchen last year.

The saving at rent from a warehouse sounded absurd little to relationships to million lejemålet at that good-looking german phases. »Nej , the earth aren’t been mixed out to rain dismiss Ole Olsen , there there admit , that the much earth no has had grip by themselves. Elendige a dagsbaner »Vi spending earth to endags – the tracks to Copenhagen , Card Göteborg and Gelsenkirchen. It has forever come without That doing that very likely no next walk. It is a long way from first time , that there’s problems by a dagsbaner. They’re burly that build , however prior by the sport prestige , because they build at heavy phases to heavy cities. In that way has the sport moved themselves from the fields and into velkendte the bullring. The thing is , the earth no ”sætter” themselves , catching the ultimate throw in at they heavy phases get days ante course.

It has granted a lot of punching track and elendige speedwaybaner by boil and mad runs to result. By årets sections to Göteborg and Card that they latest instances. The thing is only the , that Ole Olsen again and again builds a fantastic orbit to Parking to Copenhagen. Incomprehensible by menigmand , catching that no can be cause themselves deal in Card Göteborg and actually to Gelsenkirchen. »Denne earth from Gelsenkirchen is accurately the equal that vi spending to Copenhagen. The difference is , that it is hot , catching vi runs to Parking to june. The earth responds weirdie. It is a lifelike material explained Olsen. Normally is there after a press conference lots of age to gash question and hyggesnak.

However the hearty sønderjyde travelled themselves at once after last question and went purposeful against the outcome. Expressive to the face. Ahead awaiting hard work by that pile a run afoot to Bydgoszcz. Than not a soul success termination at season vil get speedwayfolket to that forgetful skandaleweekenden to Gelsenkirchen. By five år the paper be at liberty to decent scratch VM – course to Göteborg on account of a elendig a dagsbane. The charge by the calling off can be risk that run into a tocifret millionbeløb.

(Not my translation but still more informative than BSI Speedway managed themselves)

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