New easy-to-use Speedway Search Engine

Just like speedway is mostly ignored in the national print and broadcast media, so it has been with Internet search engines. If I type the title of my book Showered in Shale into google (as I do when vanity overcomes me and I have the odd idle minute), its not long before I’m lost in a world of igneous rocks (like pumice) and, excitingly, rock formations that include fragments from a crashed asteroid that came down near Bristol. Typing in the word “speedway” soon takes you to a gasoline-convenience store or the cycle version (to all fans and practitioners of which – respect!)

Luckily, that has all changed with the new speedway specific search engine pioneered by Adam Jennison that you can access here. It’s simple, easy to use and should be the answer to all your speedway questions and queries. Adam is an experienced web site programmer and developer who supports the Hull Vikings but really, like so many fans I’ve met on my travels, just enjoys a good close meeting.

If the site is a success – use it now, tell your friends and email Adam* with information on any speedway site your feel that you should draw his attention to! – then the next stage of the rollout will be a search engine that allows image searching. Now that would be appliance of science and a fantastic way to access photos of the sport we all know and love!

The present site has nearly 1.7 million entries in the index and there are over 100,000 key words! Even more surprisingly, this great resource for fans and speedway web developers will remain an advert free zone. Although that said, Adam would like to hear from anyone who wishes to offer sponsorship of his work.

*adam.jennison@[NOSPAM_HERE] (don’t forget to remove the [NOSPAM-HERE] when you email)

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  1. Holly Hodder
    January 10, 2007 at 9:38 pm

    This post appealed to the rock-hound in me. See what happens when you “Google” moment magnitude (a geophysical term).

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