Speedway Grand Prix rider earnings 2014 (& Top 10 SGP earners 2005-2014)

The Speedway Grand Prix rider earnings table for 2014

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makes interesting reading as Greg Hancock sneaks ahead of Nicki Pedersen in the overall 2005-2014 total earnings table by just $4,350.


The Top 10 Speedway Grand Prix Riders judged by their earnings from 2005 to 2014 are as follows:

Greg Hancock             $657,150

Nicki Pedersen          $652,800

Andreas Jonsson       $635,000

Jason Crump              $571,950

Tomasz Gollob           $570,050

Jarek Hampel             $428,650

Hans Andersen          $352,450

Fredrik Lindgren       $376,100

Antonio Lindback      $325,150

Chris Harris               $331,350



Though these figures look cumulatively impressive, you have to bear in mind how many races this required as well as the ongoing scandal of the criminally low rates of pay given to the Speedway Grand Prix stars. It’s a scandal compounded by the ongoing almost complete lack of regular pay rate reviews or, even, the sop of index-linking. Given how the fat cats at BSI or BSI/IMG – whatever they’re called – like Paul Bellamy boast of the robust (allegedly global!) success of the SGP series, surely hiding behind the ‘justification’ that it is the F.I.M. that sets these pay scales doesn’t wash when compared to their bloated ‘rent seeking’ revenues and profits? Maybe they – or possibly Monster Joe at Speedway Grand Prix series sponsor Monster Energy – could unilaterally decide to deign to reward the SGP stars of the shale (the real/actual talent!) with more professional levels of pay from 2015 onwards?

**this is an amended post correcting for an error in the presentation of the stats on the Speedway Grand Prix website (this is what can happen to professional record keeping when a commercial organisation runs a sport)

Thanks (again) to Charles McKay for his diligence and hard work compiling these stats.


If you know the pay rates metrics for the Speedway Grand Prix for each year the period 1997 to 2004, please get in touch via the contact button on this website. Thank you!


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