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Burbo Speedway Reporting Revolution on Twitter continues, part 3

Drawing upon the further majesty of the 12 years of his speedway reporting career, Paul (Burbo) Burbidge’s digital social media profile continues to hollow out and/or infantalise the news content of the speedway reporting landscape. Ostensibly part of a ‘new’ breed of digitally savvy speedway journalists (“I write news for Speedway GP website and manage…

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Cardiff Speedway Grand Prix 2013 track problems with added damp shale communication masterclass

Inside the Cardiff Speedway Fayre, it’s déjà vu all over again prior to the 2013 Cardiff Speedway Grand Prix that, nowadays, we’re instructed to by the organisers to call #BritishSGP on twitter. My rhetorical question to Johnny Barber (“are you looking forward to the meeting?”) – since I suspect he’s not going – elicits some…

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