26 Shades of Shale

Any sports enthusiast who longs for competitive excitement and glory that will not fade can slake their yearning appetites with 26 Shades of Shale.

Dominating the broad heights of Speedway, demanding respect, sometimes with painful tenderness but always with a style that engages to completion, author Jeff Scott once again submits another volume of his writing to the fans and followers of Speedway.

26 Shades of Shale takes the reader on another whirlwind tour of the British Speedway scene during yet another tremendously exciting season.

With his eye for detail and social commentary, Scott documents this punishing competitive sport with its unique sub-culture of fans, riders, and management, all mutually fascinated with each other’s triumphs and disasters, pleasure and pain, bound together by the incomparable action on the track.

Arguably the most persistent Speedway author in a generation, Scott delivers yet another stunning performance with 26 Shades of Shale, continuing to document the evolution of British Speedway as it revolves in its own epicycle within the greater gyre of modern UK life.

Author: Jeff Scott
ISBN: 978-0-9568618-2-5
Price: £20 plus £4.50 P&P