Feedback on Strictly Shale from Justine Potter

Though delighted to finally have her picture in one of my books, in between a slew of early meeting 1-5s to Coventry, last night (23rd August 2014) during Lakeside v Coventry “artist” Justine Potter of the Lakeside Hammers track shop kindly gave me her candid opinions about my new photo book Strictly Shale: Circling British Speedway:

“To be honest, some of them are a bit lacking”

“I should have been on Page 3 not page – what is it? – 170!”

“Why have you got that [lovely Sittingbourne] sky? It don’t sell it to me!”

“What happened to her head? I think you need to go on a course! You miss peoples heads off so many photos. See – look at that – it looks so much better when you get peoples head.”

“You need to get a better camera!”

“I’m an artist – this ain’t art!”

“No, seriously – look [lovely Eastbourne speedway pompom girl photo] – do you think that looks good?”

“Look at that – tell me what’s wrong with that?”

“Some of them are good and I can see what you’re trying to do.”

“I can’t tell you what is right with that – nothing!”

Charming picture of an empty Lakeside with some garden chairs [JS] “What does that say to you?” [JP] “Nothing, absolutely nothing! That sez nothing!”

“I do like that Lee Richardson photo – he looks so happy! It’s lovely – though again, you could have moved it over a bit. He was so young, tragic!”

“Have you got a decent camera? Why don’t you get a decent camera? It might help you!”

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