High Praise from Peter Oakes for ‘When Eagles Dared’

“[When Eagles Dared is] Jeff Scott’s riveting personalised account of Eastbourne’s 2005 campaign….it’s a companion to Jeff’s better known book ‘Showered in Shale’….some of the material may be a little dated now but it is still a remarkable read and something completely different to any other books on the overcrowded market. Jeff has a very personal style that you might either love or hate but I found it riveting and enjoyed almost every word.”

PETER OAKES, Speedway Star, 2nd December 2006

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  1. Holly Hodder
    December 14, 2006 at 3:25 pm


    Hey: have you heard of the local San Francisco broadsheet-newsmag called Urban Moto? If you can, check out Jill Rothenberg’s pieces.

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