Speedway Twitter Photos – 2011 Selection

Along with the flood of tweets from speedway riders, satellite television reporters, fans, service industry personnel, bigheads and, of course, occasional blowhards: there were numerous Twitter photos posted too.

Some of these photos take us behind the scenes in never before seen ways. Others showcase the mundane life that’s the frequent flier, hard driving daily reality of the grind of speedway life for the riders, their mechanics and fans.

Nevertheless, these photos are a unique ad hoc record of the 2011 season. Many caught my eye, here’s my personal selection….

Hans Andersen proved beyond all doubt the dangers of jogging – in comparison to the injuries you can sustain riding high powered bikes with no brakes if you crash or fall – but didn’t lose his sense of fun. Recovering from injury – whether burns, burns or breaks – quickly leaves scars but is essential since excellence brings material rewards.

Some riders travel round the world to earn their living in Europe, leaving behind loved ones. Once temporarily resident in the UK, often they settle into the Dorset lifestyle of car washes, boys toys or indulge their love of watersports.

Speedway is a small world so, understandably chance encounters abound trackside internationally and domestically but also in Luton or Middlesbrough. Recognition takes many forms, some of them worth framing. At Peterborough, they even have comemorative salt and pepper grinders!

After (or before) a hard day at the track, rather than shop for a nutritionally balanced but filling meal or hunt for a bargain – some riders love to get near naked or, if the opportunity presents, drive a tractor. Many riders take fashion very seriously, while others prefer comfort.

Ignoring how sponsors like a smartly turned out rider, how you dress, relax, the sunglasses you choose, the look of your moustache let alone your body art or how you style your hair says more about you than money ever can! They say workshop hours spent on your bikes and equipment generally directly translates into points on the track and celebrations if you win.

For the modest or eco-minded rider carefully looking after your equipment and kevlars while acting sustainably is second nature. Though silencer issues hogged the trade press column inches, the real revolutionary technical development of the season (white trainers and tracky bottoms don’t come fitted as standard) came from David Watt.

When it comes to the speedway twitter photo of the season, the Lindgren brothers lead where others dare not follow. Usually this crown jewels super hero with chequered flag pose would be the photo of the season for Ludvig (or, perhaps, his sleeping seal pose) but for this hairdryer special from his brother Fredrik.

If you enjoyed these speedway twitter photos, then don’t forget that the tweets and comments from the season are even more sensational and available for purchase in book form now (with a £5 donation to the SRBF for every copy sold) along with various other previously published titles!

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